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As a Norwegian, I think our mythological beasts deserve better than to be compared to assholes on the Internet.



Magic: the Gathering, beloved of nerds across the multiverse, allowing everypony to express their personality in the worst possible way since before Nightmare Moon was banished. One day, the game spreads across Ponyville, with dire and nonsensical consequences. Will Ravnicolt survive the onslaught of Rainbow's dragon deck? Will Neighcol Bolas's diabolical master plan come to fruition? Will anypony make it through a whole game without facehoofing?
Probably not.

A series of vignettes to no greater point or purpose. More may be added later. Or not.
In spite of my best efforts to keep it simple, this probably won't make much sense if you don't have at least some understanding of the game.
Cover art from Ponylude.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 69 )

Oh my god, this is the most hilarious story I've ever read! :rainbowlaugh:
I loved all of the puns (Especially the one about whinnystrad)

Chapter 1: Yeah, that's pretty much what I'd expect from Fluttershy's deck. I'm a bit surprised that she even has creatures that don't have defender. I'm even more surprised that she's not playing Test of Endurance or Felidar Sovereign though. Maybe she just hasn't drawn them.

Chapter 2: It's a called a resource system, dear. Your family's been building up for three generations, but each game of Magic has you starting from scratch. Don't like it? Play green.

Chapter 3: Huh. With a name like Whinnistrad, you'd think they'd be ponies. Unless humans have replaced one of the other races. Vedalken, maybe?
Also, don't knock Strionic Resonator, Lyra. Just because it has a weird ability doesn't make it useless. It just needs help.
Also also, mythic rare symbols are reddish-orange. Purple symbols only showed up on the Time Spiral timeshifted cards.

Chapter 4: You do realize this implies that the game has been in existence for more than a thousand years. right? Just saying.

In any case, loving it so far. I hope you do one where Twilgiht complains about how magic doesn't work like this. Or, you know, just about anything else. I do love this crossover. :rainbowkiss:

These were fun to read! Especially the last one. Black Lotus and the Mox cards are so stupidly broken :B And Fluttershy's deck fits her like a glove. I actually want to play her deck, if only to troll everyone else:pinkiehappy:

I've never quite played a game like that before. Most times, the guys I play against will build up their offensive cards while all of mine are either detained, or unplayable due to me getting landscrewed. Either way, the only time my games are ever this drawn out is when one of my friends is feeling especially cruel and decides to whittle my deck down to almost nothing before hitting me with all of his cards in a massive clusterfuck of attack points, which only works on me because I am notoriously stubborn about everything, and my Magic-playing friends all know it.

I would pay to habe that card in my deck, for all mana.

I would make a pony themed deck if it was legal.

Thanks! This one is my favorite :) I was very pleased with the puns too.

Yup, I've been there. In all those options. I feel for RD here. I can cope with merely losing a game, but being forced to sit and watch a match drag on forever without being allowed to actually make any moves always tempts me to give up playing the game entirely.

Thank you!

"I'm even more surprised that she's not playing Test of Endurance or Felidar Sovereign though. Maybe she just hasn't drawn them."
She's still waiting to get them from eHay.
"Also also, mythic rare symbols are reddish-orange."
Ah. Whoops.
"Chapter 4: You do realize this implies that the game has been in existence for more than a thousand years. right? Just saying."
I do, but I needed it for the joke to work. :rainbowderp:
"In any case, loving it so far. I hope you do one where Twilgiht complains about how magic doesn't work like this. Or, you know, just about anything else. I do love this crossover. :rainbowkiss:"
Thanks! I have some more ideas, and people seem to like this so I may have to do more :)

"She's still waiting to get them from eHay.

This is why she should always order from tcgponies.com! :rainbowlaugh:

Hey strionic resonator is a cool card

Ahh silly Celestia, you never play against a legacy deck without another legacy deck

I was about to start agreeing vehemently... then I saw who the poster was. You've seen me use Strionic Resonator. :rainbowlaugh:

Silly Dante, Luna isn't even playing a legal Vintage deck, much less legacy. Lotus and the moxen are restricted in Vintage and banned in Legacy, and Luna's got multiples of both. :derpytongue2:

Luna's deck is apparently coming from back when Lotus->Channel->Fireball was a reasonable thing to see. Except for the Time Warps. Those should be Time Walks.

Also: many Legacy decks are tuned to fight other Legacy decks, and the differences between formats make the deck weak. For example, Counterbalance and Chalice of the Void are Legacy control staples, but have issues doing much of anything against a Standard deck. Wizards could print Force of Will in Theros and it wouldn't break Standard (not that they're going to do it), because there's no need to have a T0 counter in the format -- it'd just be card disadvantage.

3074019 "Except for the Time Warps. Those should be Time Walks."

1. Even if 'Shy hadn't cast another Pacifism, when you're only doing 4 damage while she's gaining 20+ life PER TURN, you'd have a better chance of putting out the sun with a water squirter.

2. I'm surprised DT would even consider playing the game. You'd think she would be too busy gloating over her Cutie Mark or tormenting the CMC to bother. Though it's not surprising she doesn't understand how to play.

3. Why is it that people who don't play TCG's always get the best luck when opening packs as opposed to people who like to play TCG's?

4. I don't play Magic a lot, but pretty sure what Luna just did is known as an Epic Win.

Def fav.

My brother played a deck much like this one called "I'd rather have you not.":ajbemused: Maybe Fluttershy should play Turbofog and win without doing damage to anypony. :twilightsmile:

3072523 what would your mana card be in a all pony deck:

Just the first sentence of the description deserves a like!

Where did Ou get that Scratch card as a cover image? And is there more there?

Never let Luttershy near a stais deck...not that this is much better.

3088517 Thanks. Also, great to see how broken classic decks were.

Fluttershy vs Dash is hilarious. XD This is actually a really cool idea, I can easily see an anthology project being made out of this. Maybe you should pitch it to the Friendship is Magic the Gathering group :)

This is a weird concept, buy I adore it so far!

Also, Slivers FTW!

Also also, I meant the old ones!

She put it into play alongside the fourteen others, that were not doing her any good since she had long since used up all the cards in her hand.

Sheesh, somepony get Dash some X spells! Like a Banefire or something!

And then Fluttershy dropped this nasty little critter, showing that she's actually a strategic genius.

Also, Ask Princess Luna is awesome.


I'm glad you liked it!

Is two mythics in a booster pack even possible?

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Playing modern, no power 9. Nope.

Yup. You can get a regular one, and a foil one by random chance. Seen it happen. To a guy who, like Bon Bon, had never played the game before.

3834907 3831410
With the flip cards in Innistrad block it was possible to pull 3 mythics in pack since you always got a flip card that had rarity independent of the rest of the pack

...Well, Innistrad was a horror-themed block, after all... That's terrifying.

I never actually saw it happen, but I did get normal mythic, flip mythic, foil rare.

I've actually been in Dash's position and won before. Your absurd 20+ life gain a turn means nothing when I have no max hand size, the ability to draw lots of cards, and 3 creatures with P/T equal to my cards hand. Doesn't mean the game didn't take about two hours.

"Another Strionic Resonator," Lyra said unhappily, dropping the final bunch of cards down on the table with all the others. "That's so useless... What did you get?"

But but but the SHENANIGANS!

I love how well everyone's deck fits them.
Especially the gag with Lyra and human tribal.

Thanks ^^ That was the main goal of these sketches, really. If you liked them, check out the sequel :)

Still can't cast Cruel Ultimatum with it, unless you have a way to convert some of the mana into black and red. Now, if you have a Mycosynth Lattice and a Tolarian Academy, you can just do whatever the hell you want. I have lived this dream.

My friend has a deck that can make you do everything at random. From targeting a monster at random with instants and sorcery's, to summoning a monster from your library instead of the one in your hand. You never get what you truly want.

I hope you get what I meant.:twilightblush:

Sounds like a card for Pinkie's deck. Or Discord's.

3072523 Mono white, nothing but Plains and Sacred Mesas. Also they make MLP themed sleeves now.

Three pro8lems with your description of the g8me st8. Th8re are only five Elder Dragons, all are legendary, and all match exactly one of the Alaran shards.

EDIT: I'm actually quite surprised that FoME didn't catch this.

~Vriska Serket

3831410 It's even possi8le to get three mythics in a single pack. One 8ecause it's a 8ooster pack, one shiny, and one that's slipped in a lot more r8rely than foils are. 8ecause of this, someone I know effectively got 15 mythics from a single 8ooster, since the three mythics were good, and he managed to tr8de them for ~5 mythics each.

~Vriska Serket

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