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Every year towns around Equestria have a special event held at their main post office. Now it is Derpys turn to unlock the back room and bring all that underliverable mail out into the sunshine. The rest of the town will help her figure out who the lost parcels are for and where they should go.

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A time for celebration.

A time of remembrance.

The passing of the letters of The Lost.

Aye! That was quite cute.

Very Nice!

Thank you all for the lovely comments :o)
(And the favourites)
If you know anyone who would like this story then please pass on a link. They only stay on the front page as 'new stories' for a short time and then get buried.
I'll ask around and see if anypony will narrate it.....

Aww, cute stuff! :derpytongue2: I enjoyed that. Just right for a Friday afternoon. And AJ impersonating Zecora made me giggle, too. :ajsmug:

This was a cute vignette. Could do with another proofreading pass, though. (For instance, there's a semicolon that should really be a colon.)

Fun fact: I'm here because this fic popped up in my Google Now feed. First time it recced a fic for me. Weird, huh? :derpytongue2:

Soon it will be recommending birthday presents for relatives you didn't know you had :o)

Nooooo, I had to go lurn more English ! :D

An adorable entry about our favorite mailmare.

Very adorable. "Angel Bony, Forrest, Purney Vile" left me grinning widely!

This is a cute little slice of Moanyville life :twilightsmile:

Delightful ! :derpytongue2::ajsmug:

Thank you. It fell into place nicely (some are a pig to write) and thankyou for adding it to your favourites :)

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