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The main six need to get Cerberus in a fit state to guard the gates of hell. They enlist the help of a local dentist to make good the teeth of the three headed monster.
The story has been narrated; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fu7D9sRPwaQ
The art is by Fia94.Deviantart.com

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Author Interviewer

Huh. I reviewed this a couple months ago, didn't realize it was actually on Fimfic. :B

It wasn't. You joined UKPonycon.co.uk just to review it. I thought that was very sweet of you :)
Then I tried to wrestle which version was going on here; the pure 'Cut Glass' version with the Idris edits, or the one with further edits and additions by Scribbler. (I mean, wife or the queen of pony tears? Both cuddly stubborn teachers. It's too much for mortal man to ponder)
I suppose the real question is; did you come to the same conclusions ?

"It's the Hydra from Froggy Bottom bog" said Fluttershy sweetly.

I lost it there! :rainbowlaugh:

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