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A pony gets to live her life long dream and fly to the moon. Once landed she isn't quite ready for the low gravity and the sheer culture shock of being so very far from home on a land with no flowers!
This story was in the UKPonycon2015 con-book. I've filled it out a little for here.
Art by Fia94
Narrated by Wuten

Chapters (1)
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Thankyou :)
That means a lot to me. My head space is icky this week :derpytongue2: anything good is good :pinkiehappy:

The review for this from Present Perfect was completed last week. It pretty much puts it exactly where it needed to be as a ponycon convention booklet story. (Kids show).
I think we are still struggling with an English writer vs an American reviewer, but that's hardly a biggy. Wuten could read it okay ;p)

Moon Pony by teamidris
Reading by Wuten AiE
600th Review of 2016!
Genre: Sci-Fi
A unicorn finally achieves her dream of landing on the moon. But it's not quite what she thought it would be.
This is cute but would benefit from an editor. More to the point, the narrative is a little simplistic, almost like a fable, but not quite. This might work as a children's story, but probably not for anyone much older than that.
Vaguely Recommended

This is awesome! I love how the pony feels excited, scared, but also a bit lonely. It even had some suspense. How did it end up in the con book? Was it a writing contest of some sorts?

Thanks :o) I suppose it was a competition, but with so few entries it was likely to be in there. It was much shorter, which didn’t hurt it, but this version works better. Interestingly this made the best narration? It all just fell into place with Wuten and Reverbrony music. I love Sophia’s art as well. She was excited about the subject and that always builds passionate art.

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