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I'm not sure how to describe this one? If I said "A thief gets an excessive punishment" that might cover it? I guess it's classic Idris, in that it starts off happily enough and then goes nasty after that. It's not gruesome though, just unpleasant. You are right to argue the horror tag if you see fit. I wouldn't say that it classically fitted the genre. Enjoy :o)
Narrated by Obabscribbler who has written work on fimfiction as well https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ms3E48eINdI
Available as one of the stories in the Lulu book 'Nightmare Nights'

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Wow, that's some security system.

Perfect for high security research buildings, but a tad excessive for a young mares first home :o)
I'm tempted to voice this one myself. My YT channel has also been lacking in content this last few months.

Author Interviewer

What in the world. XD

I know right :)
And my first proper published work to boot :D
It seems killing ponies in bizzar ways is popular! Which kind on explains Losty and Scribbles I guess? ;)

That was creepy. I liked the buildup when it gets progressively darker. Good job!

I excitedly jumped up the list to read your response for this story :o)
I bloody love this one. It’s published and narrated and it really freaks folk out. And as you say, I nailed the ramp-up from cute-everyday, to screaming agony :D
It might be one of the ‘in a day’ stories, where my mind goes mental? “Twilights Ghost” is the sister story from the same initial concept.

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