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MLP Manga · 1:04am Aug 11th, 2019

Recently found out that there is a MLP: FiM Manga out there. From what I read it's mainly slice of life nods to thing like Doctor Whooves being THE Doctor and other background Ponies that Bronies love. Stories include Pinkie breaking a magic mirror of Twilights that sends her into the middle of a Sugar craving Zombie Apocalypse, Fluttershy having to give a speech to other animal lovers and Applejack having to deal with the FlimFlam brothers (AGAIN!) while trying to get in the Apple harvest.

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Thanks for the fav!

2288680 No problem, i am a big Trixie, Lyra and Luna-verse fan.

Thank you for adding A Proper Introduction to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you for favoriting Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore?. It's an honor. :twilightblush:


Me, too. It's fun to have her play both to, and against, her archetype...it makes her more interesting, not having that dim bulb clumsy space cadet. I HATED that business with the sign in "No Second Prances". The rest of the depiction was okay; that cheerful and bright attitude of hers. But not running into the sign...



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