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Come all ye Terry Pratchett fans, let us revere the finest author on earth! Whether you enjoy commander Vimes, Rincewind, Moist von Lipwig, or any others, there's a place for you right here!

Post crazy ideas in the forum, questions about the Discworld; questions about Pratchett. Moderators will make sure you don't post anything NSFW, or generally offensive and unrelated.

Share stories in the folders, but make sure their in the correct ones! They don't have to be related to the Discworld at all, but there's a special section for those. If you need help on a story, throw it in the 'HELP!' folder and we'll see if it's worth fixing, beyond repair, or simply something sergeant Detritus should shoot.

So come on in, have fun, and commune about Terry Pratchett, best author in this universe.

-Moderators reserve the right to tear down any thread, story, or comment they deem inappropriate.
-Be respectful
-No hatemail.
-Only SFW items should be placed here.

If these rules are broken, the goddess Anoia will descend and your drawers shall not open. Never.

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