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The best kind of joke is the one told on your audience, or so the writer of the feghoot believes.

Feghoots are stories which are deliberately constructed so that they end in a terrible pun. The purpose of the story is to keep the victim audience reading and interested in the story until they hit the pun, at which point you take advantage of the fact that no one can punch you through the Internet and run off giggling.

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(Reads off-hoof comment in Writeoff.me thread by TD about being admin of the Feghoots group)
(Rushes to Group Search window)
(Clicks 'Join')

This is a glorious thing.

Congratulations! This group is being listed in New Groups.

In the judgement of the groups that took place today, this group proved itself with its freshness, scoring itself a spot in the Groups of New.

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