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SNAF's collection of scrapped scenes, fragments of stories or ideas, and anything else that doesn't deserve to be lost and forgotten.

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Yaks are one of the most durable sapient species on the planet, a fact in which they take pride.  They have colonized mountains towering beyond the reach of even dragons’ wings. They smash the toughest objects the mountains have to offer for fun.  They don’t settle for second place.

Naturally, they didn’t take it lightly when they heard of Equestria’s plans to explore beyond the sky.

Rocket scientists beware: Heresy dwells within.

My thanks to Bugsydor and Akouma for some idea-bouncing and proofreading. Similarly, big thanks to Rocket Lawn Chair for making an awesome cover. Turns out, there's not a lot out there that includes yaks and rocket science.

My entry for FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest under The New: Prince Rutherford.

Now with a French translation! (Credit: Acylius)

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A menace rises from the depths. Again. For the second time just this month. Rarity is on the case… and she’s not the only one.

Proofread and described by FoME.  Ideas bounced off of Bugsydor.

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Angel, like all bunnies, is as evil as he is cute.  When the dastardly plot of the largest bunny organization in the region threatens Fluttershy, he's the best-qualified critter to take them down.

This story is the embodiment of multiple writing experiments, some of which were not originally intended.

Edited/Proofread by Bugsydor and hawthornbunny.

(Image credit: screencap from Monty Python, edited by hawthornbunny)

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To some ponies, I’m a normal archaeologist who spends her days playing in the dirt.  To others, I’m a daring adventurer. When new access to yak territories yields a list of archaeological gold mines and one of them is in the Dragonlands?  I have to be both.

My story for The Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo, written for FanOfMostEverything and inspired by his story Daring Do and the Weapon of the Ancients. Reading his story first is in no way necessary (but you should read it), and this story should not in any way spoil his.

(The image used for this cover was made by Ric-M some time ago.)

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This story is a sequel to PoSiE: A Typical Displaced Fic

A collection of moments in the life of Spike.

Reading the first PoSiE is not required for this story. It would, however, give you an idea of why you should leave your expectations for any amount quality beyond "crappy" here before you proceed.

Special thanks to Bugsydor again for approving/polishing this turd. (This story was also written very late at night.)

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A collection of short stories inspired by Magic cards generated by RoboFoME, which is powered by FanOfMostEverything’s Friendship is Card Games. Given the nature of the cards generated (completely random), I cannot guarantee that every story will make sense in any capacity, or that the non-AU stories will adhere perfectly to canon.

If you are unsure of why this is, go ahead and have RoboFoME generate a few cards – even if you don’t play or understand Magic – and you’ll see exactly why. This is half experiment and half I-want-something-that-I-can-write-whenever. I make no guarantees on story length.

Rated Teen because I just don’t know. No understanding of Magic is required to read these.

(Some of these may have been proofread by Bugsydor shortly before posting.)
(Some of these may not have been thoroughly proofread by the author before posting.)

“Man, these stories are feckin' weird.” – Present Perfect
“You bastard.” – FanOfMostEverything
“needs a space after the comma” – KingMoriarty
“I like the title.” – Bugsydor

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Everypony makes mistakes, so why not make a spell to correct them before they even happen? Starlight Glimmer had her Magnum Opus. All it had to do was survive testing.

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For years, Diamond Tiara had accepted her parents’ values as her own: that status and money were the two most important things in Equestria.

That she is not her parents and does not hold their unique talents is a fact that she cannot run from forever, though, and the consequences of holding herself to their values are building up.

For now, she must hold her own against her parents’ disapproval, but without the backs of her classmates to stand upon, her methods aren’t providing any answers.

This story takes place during/in place of Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

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Steve is just an average guy, who goes to a convention, and has a crappy day, because he becomes... displaced.

This story idea happened when I came across one too many displaced fics very late at night.

Story idea approved by Bugsydor, story title courtesy of Bugsydor, and a very special kind of thanks to Bugsydor for being the official Turd Polisher.

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