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For years, Diamond Tiara had accepted her parents’ values as her own: that status and money were the two most important things in Equestria.

That she is not her parents and does not hold their unique talents is a fact that she cannot run from forever, though, and the consequences of holding herself to their values are building up.

For now, she must hold her own against her parents’ disapproval, but without the backs of her classmates to stand upon, her methods aren’t providing any answers.

This story takes place during/in place of Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

Chapters (7)
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This is a continuation of the idea in Cutie Mark Crusaders: PRINCESSES!

This story can probably stand alone, but is also part of an optional series that is currently was planned. For more details, go here.

I'd like to thank Bugsydor and cogwheelbrain for their assistance in polishing this story, and for help with developing the world in the first place.

Cover art shamefully assembled by yours truly.

Spoiled Rich has very little love for her daughter.

Light of a Diamond – now with content!

I thought about calling the first chapter a prologue, but it didn't seem quite right. Between the first two chapters, at least, I'm reasonably confident that there's enough of the story for speculation to occur.

I have held back on writing Spoiled Rich as a stuck-up, rude, unfeeling, manipulative, heartless parent, but she still sounds purely evil. The same goes for Diamond Tiara, but in the other direction. I wouldn't want to forget the last decade of her life, now, would I?

It is more likely that the carrots com from Golden Harvest Farms, the farm of Carrot Top, than Sweet Apple Acres.

Golden Harvest isn't confirmed to be a farmer within the show. Sweet Apple Acres definitely appears to grow carrots as well.

I figured that it'd be a safe bet to say that they're from the Apple Family. Admittedly, I could expand my horizons beyond canon a little more than I have.

Diamond's mother is messing up her daughter's life.

Now, this is a nice story. The next part can't come soon enough now.


Alas, the next chapter probably would have been published by now if I hadn't written myself into a corner the first time around. The outline has been revised and progress has resumed at a reasonable pace. I hope not to keep you waiting for too long.

It seems you want to make this story into your own universe where Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle first get their cutie marks, then become Alicorns additionally.
But why didn't you tag it as Alternate Universe then? You made so many changes to how the events actually were here that the tag should definitely be applied.

7002972 It was tagged as AU, but then the tag information page came out:

[...] Stories that start at a point in canon and diverge through character development or other in-story events generally do not qualify as AU.

Everything up until Crusaders of the Lost Mark is presumed to be canon for this story.


I read it myself again and you took it a bit out of context, actually. The text also says:

Stories that take place in a world significantly diverged from canon. Changing the outcome of major events, large setting changes, or anything else that represents a large break from canon, particularly if the change is something that does not happen during the story itself.

In your story here, Diamond Tiara never accompanied Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to their clubhouse, she never got to sing her song and the confrontation with her mother when she found out that she had lost the election happens at a different place and Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are not there to witness it.
The outcome of the confrontation is also different, her mother is not screaming at her, but Diamond Tiara talks herself out of the problematic situation by making the promise to get the position as class president anyway after some time.
All three criteria that I marked above apply here.

The quote you pasted here is actually speaking about fics with "What If?" scenarios, which is something different than Alternate Universe scenarios.
If you wouldn't make all this build-up that you're doing here with this story, but instead start writing a story where Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle already have their cutie marks and are friends with Diamond Tiara (= start at a point in canon) and then you would let something happen that makes them Alicorns, then it would not be Alternate Universe, because it could theoretically happen and be in the show in Season 6.

For what it's worth, I've added the AU tag again, if only because I know the next two stories will be, and it'll end up irking me to have two AU stories preceded by a non-AU story when they're all set in the same universe.


I didn't expect an answer anymore after all these weeks. It's good that you see why it's an Alternate Universe fic.
I feared that this tag explanation will cause confusion for some and I hope I could help with making the Alternate Universe tag more clear for you.
I don't understand why the staff here decided to implement those in the first place, the authors here did fine on their own to determine which tags should apply. But knowing some of the staff members here, we can probably be happy for it that they don't force authors to use certain genre tags.

A great, great fic, that deserves a lot more attention than it's received. Bravo.

Congrats, dude. This is definitely one of the best stories in comparison to it's like/dislike count I've read. that isn't saying much, but it's still awesome.

> 'Her mother sat in a chair across the room, and closer to her side, and her father occupied the sofa from behind an issue of The Hoofington Post that proclaimed “Royal Guard Refutes Rumors of Infiltration of Restricted Archives”.'

I would not worry because all that is there is some timespells which for closed predestinationparadoxes. One cannot use them to change the past. Certainly, nopony could modify them in a way to alter history.


Certainly, nopony could modify them in a way to alter history.

Starlight Glimmer ring any bells?


> " > 'Certainly, nopony could modify them in a way to alter history.'"

> "Starlight Glimmer ring any bells?"

Certainly, ¡Miss Starlight Glimmer did not break into the archives and steal a spell she could modify for changing the present by altering the past!

Seriously, Miss Starlight Glimmer is extremely powerful unicorn. I suspect that since she followed Princess Twilight Sparkle to Canterlot for S05E12 "Amending Fences" M. A. Larson 2015-07-04, that is when she probably broke into the Archives. Given that it might take time for the story to break, it appearing in the papers a few weeks later during S05E18 "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" Amy Keeting Rogers 2015-10-10 is reasonable.

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