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Applejack's life is turned upside-down after she suddenly inherits the full powers of a goddess. She insists that it isn't a big deal and that she's the same pony as always, just bigger. Meanwhile, everypony else starts making demands on her and placing expectations on the 'new princess'. When the constant stream of petitions and gawkers starts interfering with farm work, Applejack reacts a bit strongly. Luna, fearing the worst, is determined to rescue Applejack from corruption, further irritating the farm pony. Will Applejack accept her destiny, or is destiny what you make of it?

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So, Author's Notes... This is a little thing I came up with after reading about half a dozen Alicorn-Twilight fics. I swear, it's its own genre on this site. Thinking about it, I wondered why no love for AJ? Quite honestly, Twilight reacts pretty similarly in each of them: she freaks out instantly and quickly descends into angst. I'd like to think AJ would take a more down to earth approach to it. That's not to say she won't have her share of troubles and frustrations to deal with. Yes, the individual chapters are quite short, but I already have a backlog and hope to update quickly. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. :ajsmug:

[Edit:] I just realized that I hadn't given mad props where mad props were due! Thanks to Guy_Incognito, Quantum_Shift, Jazz Beat, Raindrop, Tune Up and my bros for prereading this story. You have all been a big help in getting me to actually take the plunge and submit. Thanks also to the wonderful writers who have made fimfiction a wonderland of imagination and craziness. Most importantly, thanks to Lauren Faust for seeing the potential in everything!

I have to confess. One of the major motivations behind this chapter is to explain my personal pet theory behind Cadence.

An alicorn!AJ fic? Don't see that every day.

Liked for originality.


the only thing that is more uncommon than applejackcorn is a raritycorn

I like your theory behind Cadance.

I think you could use a few more paragraphs (especially in the first part of the first chapter) but I like where this is going. Have a favorite.

I liked your theory of Cadence being winged unicorn, much more sense than most of what i heard. Nice one 1479881

ill put it in read later for a later date

I'm definitely coming along for this ride.

cant wait to see this in featured no dislikes and 11 likes

Ohmigosh! You guys are sooo awesome! :rainbowkiss: As thanks for the great response to the story so far, have another chapter early. Your comments and views and likes and faves are fantastic motivation.

As for actual commentary, I'd like to say that these chapters are short to help keep the pacing brisk. It's more of a montage of events than a drawn-out narrative. This may change. Also, I happen to think that Fluttershy in a stetson would be absolutely adorable. Anyone who can make this image a reality will earn all the mustaches I have to give.

Stay classy! :raritywink:

Fluttershy wearing AJ's hat...

I don't go for shipping, but HHNNNNGGGGGG

Uh oh, that can't be a good sign.

Also, THANK YOU! 70% of the writers on FIMFiction probably would have written that "we saw thou flying." Arrggghhh.

"Nightmare take you! ...oh hi Luna."

All of the awkward.

1483161 No romance tag. It's not a ship, just adorable. :yay:

1483192 That sort of error actually traces back to early American Quakers. They wanted to be referred to as thee and thou because, back then, they were still familiar and humble terms. However, like many east-coast dialects, they swapped similar words (see also leave/let). Ironically, because of the influence of a large number of powerful and rich Quakers, the terms became firmly associated with formality as well as antiquity instead of humility. The swapping of terms also continued and multiplied over time, especially with the decline of the King James Bible in the forefront of English literature.

As a reference for other readers, swap in a third-person pronoun to see which would be appropriate. Where you would use he/she, use thou. "He is." -> "Thou art." Where you would use him/her, use thee. "It was her." -> "It was thee."

Um, so, I've done my homework. :twilightblush:

Oh, and I'm not an English major... :pinkiegasp:

That...is very informative. Committed to memory. Also, excellent chapter! :twilightsmile:


Haven't even read the story yet, but the first paragraph of the first chapter is huge dude. Break it up.

Really enjoyed this, fave'd to see what happens next! And Fluttershy in AJ's hat....new blindbag custom coming up, I think!

What I'm already liking in this story is the way that Applejack, being the stoic, no-nonsense, maybe even slightly unimaginative pony that she is isn't letting any of this get in the way of her chores. She's busy and has work to do. I'm betting that it won't be until she's forced to sit back and think that she'll suddenly realise that she's an alicorn.

I'm wondering if that moment of connection with life and the earth was something to do with it. Maybe the potential was always there or, possibly, the power had been looking for a vessel and, in a mare who has always loved the earth, growth and life, it found one.

The Alicorn of Nature? Maybe she would be able to do Winter Wrap-Up or The Running of the Leaves single-hoofedly for the entire planet?

The conversation with Luna might prove interesting (and funny). After all, she's been the 'baby' for so long, she's now got an alicorn 'kid sister' who is several millennia younger than her over whom she can, at last, exercise 'age advantage' authority. I also think that Luna probably has fewer 'princess' issues than Celestia and is more likely to talk to Applejack as the new sister that she is rather than act like a Diarch issuing decrees.

If I were Twilight Sparkle, I'd find a fairly open and uninhabited area for AJ to practice her magic. Can you say 'walking tactical nuke'?

I am usually not a fan of mane6 become alicorn stories, but I'll make an exception for this. AJ just trying to live her life like this hasn't happened is a very funny concept. Especially since she is the most 'down to earth' of all the group.

It's like giving Hank Hill superpowers, he would do nothing with them.

This is SOOOO good. This has a LOT of potential! I am really looking forward to where this story goes. The ending to this chapter is priceless!:rainbowlaugh:

With this chapter I'd like to issue a formal apology to my fellow authors on fimfiction. I used up the apostrophes. All of them. I even stole a few of the commas and flipped them upside-down, hoping no one would notice. I am ashamed and I promise not to do it again while somebody's looking. :ajsleepy:

Hehe, I can see where AJ is coming from. No-one says she HAS to go to Canterlot, she could stay on the farm and work her magic (whatever it has to do with) from there. Though they be crazy ponies, so who knows! Love it and look forward to much more! :twilightsmile:

I think it would do Luna and Celestia some good to remember just how disoriented and upset they were after their ascension. With this in mind, maybe they should cut AJ some slack. She's going to outlive everyone she knows, except the Princesses, by millennia. For someone who loves her family, that's a little hell all of its own. They may benefit from remembering their own birth families and how much they still miss them, thousands of years later.

In the meantime, have Twilight teach her magic and the pegasi the secrets of flight. Once she has the basic skills, only then, would the time come for anyone to find out just what is Applejack's special power and responsibility. When that happens, I've got a feeling that AJ is going to have to teach herself how to use them because Celestia and Luna won't have the relevant experience.

That 'prayer' was hilarious. I'm pretty sure that Granny didn't know who her guest was and I think Luna was slightly uncomfortable with the reminder that, to many ponies, she's a goddess.

Cutie Mark Crusader Godhood Seekers
I would read this.

I'd rather eat a bullet from police girl

I read one before.
I wonder what happened to it...

Alucard takes it easy cause he is bored, but if you want Seras....
prepare thyself for the misty paste you will become!

Right, this Applejack is a Princess now thing seems to have become a bit of a, well, thing recently. I like it. It's a trend I can get behind 100%.

Especially, I should add, when it's well-written like this.

-commenting before reading-

You jerk! You stole half of my idea! And you got featured! Raaaaaaaaaaaagggggeee!!!:twilightangry2:

Seriously, looks like fun! Must read later.

1498787 Erm... can I say I've beaten you to the punch? :fluttershyouch: I suspect it'll be a very different idea though.

Good first impression.
I'll read the rest of this later.

My personal theory for Cadence is that she is not quite a goddess like Celestia and Luna, but rather an incarnation of love. She lives longer thatn your normal mortal pony, but still dies eventually. And then she is reincarnated as the new Alicorn of Love. (It's kinda like how the Avatar (the animated series, not the sci-fi movie by James Cameron) can be so many different people over the years, but is primarily the same spirit.

omg someone actually had already done it, I will defidently put that on my to read list.
But seriously that picture have inspired a story that may one day, actually become reality. In any case it will be silly and include a frustrated Twilight, and a happy Luna.

1498787 D: .... WRITE IT. Oh PLEASE write it. D: You can't introduce a skull-shattering concept like that and then pull it away! That's ...that's inhumane! It's inpony! D: It's just plain WRONG to tease us like that! :raritydespair:


Already read a story like that. It was Derpy remembering Dinky after she'd died of old age or something.

1499144 @_@ I request and require a link to this work. :rainbowderp:


BAM! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/48085/Guiding-Light---The-DeRaptura-Chronicles

And upon reflection... I realized its the same story as archonix was talking about earlier.


Suddenly Twilight wakes up to find out that she is no longer the Ponyville Liberian, instead she is the headmaster in Celestia's school for gifted unicorns except now it isn't called Celestia's school for gifted unicorns anymore but Derpy's School for gifted unicorns. She is woken by the obnoxious knocking of a chubby pink maned unicorn filly with a sun cutiemark that claims to be her teacher.

Then it goes on for about 8000 words, I don't know how it ends for I havn't written it yet, but as the picture says its title is "Derpy what have you done?"

1499168 Derpy's School for Gifted Unicorns. ...Specializing in spells that create muffin rain. :derpytongue2:

1479877 Oh thank god this is a comedy. If this was attempting to be serious I'd have to find you and beat you with Big Mac's yoke. :eeyup:

Because frankly, most of the pony-becomes-alicorn-suddenly fics are ridiculous to begin with.

1498787 Alicorn Derpy... yyyeessssssssssss... :pinkiecrazy:

Trollfic powers... ACTIVATE!!! :trollestia:

Derpicorn shall save Equestria from the evil financial powers of the Bank of Smooze! :derpytongue2:

like Blueblood and Roid Rage

Definitely an interesting name for him! XD

Anywho, I'm thoroughly enjoying this. MAKE MOAR CHAPTARS SOON!!!!:flutterrage:

No you are thinking to narrow, think bigger, grander like the Cosmic muffin and... wait no you are thinking about evil goddess of chaos Pandaderpyum.

Princess Derpy is a goddess of order, the goddess of the day and all things bubbly. The fact that she likes muffins dossn't mean that she forces it upon everypony, that would be like if alicorn Pinkie tried to force ponies into partying regardless of whether they wanted it or not.
And :pinkiecrazy: is not crazy right?

*cough* Cranky Doodle *cough*

Her new cutie mark is the symbol of Terra with a leaf? Interesting. And makes complete sense.

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