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A call for help from Cherry Jubilee brings Applejack back to a very different Dodge Junction. Its residents are fearful, a gang of kleptomaniacs has the full run, trolls are on the loose, and the sheriff's in a criminal's pocket.

Besides Big Macintosh, the only pony on Applejack's side is the most accident-prone being in Equestria. If the schemes of a psychotic but dainty griffon don't ruin things, Clutterstep just might. Applejack reckons they've got as much chance as a seed in a storm, but an Apple always honors her friends. It's a race to finish the harvest and save Cherry Hill Ranch while making it out alive back to Ponyville.

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Sequel focusing on Big Mac and Ms Jubilee!!! Well I can dream can't I???:eeyup:

I deeply enjoyed this tale. It flowed very well, with just enough description and detail to build upon the story, but not too much so as to make it bulky. I especially liked this OC - it is not very often that I like OCs as much as I liked this one. (I especially like that you didnt go through any romance arcs or such - definitely didnt need it)

I do hope to see more! You have me intrigued by the past of this clumsy pony! (I get such Discord-vibes from him!)

Well that was brilliant.

Maybe an alternate storyline down the road. Though I've often wondered at Cherry Jubilee's age. She seems older than Applejack, but I can't say how much.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I plan to have Clutterstep appear in other stories and well and continue to flesh him out. And I'm glad people can appreciate a friendship tale instead of romance. I think it's important to have Clutter interact with a wide cast and not narrow it down to romance right away.

It always warms my heart when someone's first piece of fanfiction (in another fandom or otherwise) is actually worthwhile.

This was wonderful, and I found Clutterstep to be pretty interesting. I hope to find just why he was so apprehensive about meeting Celestia.

Ms. Preda.
Took me a few chapters but I finally got it!

I call shenanigans. Being encased in stone is the perfect binding material. It's even used by the Princess of Equestria herself!

Some faith in the sheriff has been restored!

Found you from a comic, link-hopped until I got here somehow. Still not entirely sure how, actually.
I think these are fun characters that I would like to see more of.

Great story, heart thoroughly warmed.

But I wonder... That filly that kissed Clutterstep and threw herself into studies... Was that Twilight?:twilightblush: I'm onto you Twi.

LOL, love the last line there.

Got the link from your deviantart account and thought I'd give it a read and I was glad I did so. At first I found the overall idea of the story to be a tad overdone for a storyline but the underlying humor from Clutterstep and the way it was written just added to the overall enjoyment of the story. So cheers for the good read friend.:twilightsmile:

P.s:Is this story connected to the comic you are working on or should this be considered unconnected to it ?

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm glad I managed to add entertainment value while dancing close to the cliche.

This story is in continuity with my current comic. I'm going out of order, however, because this takes place after the events of A Princess' Tears.

Well, this ain't going to end on a good note will it?

Damn she knows everything
But a great read none-the-less, can't wait for Clutterstep's next adventure :)

I stalk you from denvianart to here:pinkiecrazy:

Did you know there's now a character tag for Cherry Jubilee? At least, I think that's her name. So yeah, you could tag her.

This is a great start. You have completely hooked me into this story. Clutterstep is best pony. :)

I came here because of your DA page. I'll read this when I have a bit more free time.

This story was awesome. When you finish your comic (which is also awesome by the way), you should write a sequel. Maybe have Clutter meet some of the other mane 6

Awesome!!! Say, if I ever write a MLP story, may I include Clutterstep as well? It would be cool to write that. Thanks for writing such a great story

Very, very satisfying to read that; a little righteous fury goes a long way towards energizing the soul.

A wonderful story, I hope we'll see another of Clutterstep's adventures! Keep inspiring yer fellow bronies and never stop dreaming!:twilightsmile:

Clutterstep is best OC.

This story was fantastic!
do you have any sequels planned?


you publish this story and completed it in the span of 2 days:rainbowhuh:

either you just wrote everything and published it when it was done, or you used the slight of hand perk

I wrote everything and published when I was done. I can't say I'm swift in any form of fan-creation be it art, video, or writing.

I really could use that perk. If only life mimicked games in a good way.

2550575 Are you going to continue Cluttersteps journy in either story or comic form?

:rainbowlaugh: Oh Clutterstep, you crazy foal you. Silver Quill, you may have created the best original character this fandom has ever had!

I've read your comics, Mr. Quill, I know who Clutter is talkin' 'bout. Hooray for self-referencing! :derpytongue2:

Phoenix Wright reference. Reminds me that I need to finish watching Turnabout Storm :trixieshiftleft:

But now, I'm afraid I must play Tartarus' advocate for a sec. You have a good story here. Clutterstep is best OC and I genuinely mean that. However, there are some grammar mistakes sprinkled throughout the story. One in particular keeps cropping up.

Fixed him to the wagon and loaded the injured Varmin.

You have a lot of sentences like this one throughout the story where the subject is missing from the sentence. This is okay in dialogue because some people, er, ponies talk like that, but you do it a lot in the narration as well and there it's just distracting and sometimes a little confusing.

Anyway, just some helpful criticism. Again, you have a good story here but I think a little editing and touching up would go a long way.

Wow, not a single downvote yet. :pinkiegasp:

I loved your comic. I'm going to have to read this at some point.

You need to make more! How about clutter goes to manehattan and meets rarity!!!!

I just wanted to say, that I really like the story, but there are some things that I want to point out.

First of all, formatting. Like it is now, it's just a wall of text. Instead of a tab at the first line of the paragraph, I suggest you do an 'enter' instead... otherwise you'll lose track of where you are and lose interest... :derpyderp2:

Then, you've got a tendency to leave some words away in the beginning of the sentence, like 'it' or 'would be'. Now, this isn't wrong per say, it's something interesting (for me, at least) and it has... something, you know. I'm not asking you to change it. Just be careful that you don't leave away too much and becomes confusing.

Now, these are my thoughts on this. Maybe you think something else of it. :twilightsmile: You're the writer, after all.

Love the online comic you did with clutterstep love the story can't wait for you to write the next one.


MLP-Silver-Quill i love your story's there amazing :pinkiehappy:

I liked that "Princess's Tears" comic you did on Deviantart. Could you make that into a text story?

A brilliantly written story with a clear voice, not to mention Clutterstep's priceless one-liners. :rainbowlaugh:
It was a pleasure reading both the comic and this story, hope to see more in the future, if you choose to. :raritywink:

Clutterstep is best pony!!!

I can't wait to see more from you! This Fanfic was awesome and I need more clutterstep!

:derpyderp1:Smeghead? :pinkiehappy:Red Dwarf reference?:raritystarry:
Why are you so amazing?!
:twilightangry2:Those Varmin tossers don't know what they're getting into messing with Sweet Apple Acres:flutterrage:

Amazing work Silver Quill I loved it so much I also loved your comic introducing Clutterstep A Princesses Tears and your other comic Foals Rush In. I can't wait for Clutterstep's next adventure keep up the amazing work Silver Quill!

Clutterstep. On a ship. In the ocean.
:ajbemused:This can only end wet:facehoof:

I've said this once before, but the best analysts are the ones who are also writers themselves, because they can actually create.

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