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Celestia is dying. Or at least it seems so. Afflicted with a curse that is destroying her very nature, she sets a plan in action.
The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony will take the throne in her wake... Not that they know that yet...

(Takes place as an Alternate Season 3)

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Ice Monster? Oh, right Hearth's Warming Eve said that the Pony Lands before Equestria were reduced to a frozen wasteland. On Earth the Ice would have thawed over the intervening millenia but in the Magical World of Ponies the rules are different. Winter doesn't go away unless someone wraps it up.

That's what you get for not patrolling for threats sooner Applejack!


Ah, I always like the mane six alicorn stories.
This has been fairly good so far and I'll give it a fave and a like.
I suppose it's inevitable that someone will compare this to "duties".

Already happened.
I'm glad you're enjoying this. :)
I haven't read any Mane 6 Alicorn stories, I just love the fanart I keep seeing... So I'm taking a little que from each of my favourite pictures, along with a lot of my own creativity. Hopefully it will be a great ride for us all! ;D

I love this story. One of my best favs. Please make more quicker...if possible...you can't rush perfection.


Well allow me to recommend one of the greatest examples of pony fiction available and advise you to read "duties". Really the similarities between this and it start and end at mane six alicorns but other people are without a doubt gonna draw comparisons. You should probably read duties because A it's really really good and B you can more easily avoid being viewed as a similar story.
Anyway I hope this story turns out good and I don't know when but I'll probably get around to writing a more complete and useful review when there's a little more to the story.

I intend to read Duties (because it looks awesome) after I finish this, just because of how much I tend to pull Inspiration from things I am currently reading/watching. It will be easier to keep my story wholly seperate if I don't read it... It's just how my mind works.
Thanks anyway for the recommendation :)


You just made my night. :P
Chapter 6 is for the most part already written, so once I get Chapter 5 done, you'll get two updates in rather quick succession.

Purifying black magic and restoring things to their natural state is what the Elements of Harmony DO. Celestia isn't even trying them because?

817284 You mean non-ponies wrap up winter too?

The Elements of harmony only has influence over Disharmony, or Corruption... BUT, personally I don't think they could solve Black Magic, and therefore neither does Celestia.

Interesting so far, cannot wait for more, following and faved!

loving it tho dark its vary well writen

Sorry for not updating lately guys, I've been busy writing other things.
I'll have a big update soon for you though :D

In many ways Rarity is the hardest character to write as she is so complex compared to most of the others in canon.

Yeah, Rarity I've found to be the hardest character to write. :raritydespair: You did a good job. :twilightsmile:

Now Pinkie has to throw herself a 'I Got Wings and Saved a Foal' party! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

No more sweets for pinkie.


Very good so far, keep up the good work!


My favorite part was 'no more sweets for Pinkie.'
It looks like AJ and Pinkie have yet to grow into fully fledged alicorns like Rarity has, but then I suppose that could depend on whether or not you plan on giving earth ponies magical abilities, in which case Rarity is yet to grow into a fully fledged alicorn either. Whatever the case, this all very interesting so far. Once the rest of the character ascensions are out of the way I assume you'll be getting into the main plot line.

How intuitive of you :)
Yes, the main plot line has yet to truly start, although I've dropped a few hints here and there.
I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. :heart:

This Pinkie is obviously an impostor somehow, the real one would never be so casual about giving up sweets.

a great chapter cant wait for the next one. :eeyup:

I don't need sleep, not when I have a new chapter to read:raritystarry:

"I'm sure there's no-one better for the job." Rarity said with a smile.

Aha! :ajbemused: I knew it, this is one of those storys where all the ponys are human isn't it?!


So Rainbow now has earth pony magic. As far as I can recall that means:
:ajsmug:= earthpony+unicorn
:pinkiesmile:= earthpony + pegasus
:raritywink:= unicorn + pegasus
:rainbowdetermined2:= pegasus + earthpony
Which to me means that
:fluttershysad:= pegasus + unicorn
:twilightsmile:= unicorn +earthpony
Is that about right?


Thats what I got too. I'm hoping for another chapter soon. I'd like to see how twilight gets Earth magic or futtershy gets Unicorn magic. :twilightblush::yay:

I like how thay discrbed Earth magic in this, but its more then just the strangth of the earth or the plant thing (wich is important but not realy relevant in emergency situations :ajsmug: ). havent all the old ponys we've seen in the show been Earth-ponys, I think earth magic might make you live longer.

but seriously awesome, keep it up.

Errrr, no... They are ponies, always will be, (I say everypony, and hoof-held twenty times, and you jump all over the one time I say no-one?)
In my head, griffons and dragons are used for patrols too, so she's saying Dash is even superior to them. Its meant as a high compliment from a knowledgable friend.

there was an old pegasus in the episode about the rainboom.


At the end will all of them become full alicorns?

931362 I'm sorry, I was joking about it by making a much bigger than neccesary deal out of it.

Ok, just to let you guys know-
This fic isn't abandoned, or even on hiatus, far from it, I'm still working on it, just not in chronological order;
On top of that- I KEEP GETTING SICK DX
On top of THAT I have a project I'm working on at the moment, and I've been rather busy with it.
So, I do apologize for being unable to update lately, and it might be a little while longer before you guys get the next chapter. :unsuresweetie: I'm really, really sorry.
On the upside, when I do get this going again, you will have a majorly awesome (hopefully) arc waiting for you all. Thanks for being so patient everypony. :)

I love how she's completely calm about this.

oh please do more of these? and soon *birthday is in 2 days* :applecry:

Well, hopefully I'll be able to finish Twilight's chapter in the next couple of days. :)

I love how Fluttershy is like "Oh I have a horn now, huh. Want lunch angel?"

So like her, loved this chapter keep up the good work!

YAY! THANK YOU!!! i can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

The most awesome pony is next, i am willing to lose sleep to this fan fic.

Edit: Oops forgot you already did Dash, but then that means the next round of transformations is up, Right?

Let me see if i got this so far, Twilight Unicorn/Earth Pony, Rarity Unicorn/Pegasus, Rainbow Pegasus/Earth Pony, Fluttershy Pegasus/Unicorn, Pinkie Earth Pony/Pegasus, Applejack Earth Pony/Unicorn.

Great story so far looking forward to the reveal or next set of transformations.

:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:/5 yays

Indeed, Luna. What were you thinking?
*snirk* Apple tea. *pfft*

@RedvsBlue327 under chapter 5,
Strange how the horn is easier to hide than wings sometimes.

Oh Fluttershy :yay:, you adorable, oblivious girl you.

And now the combinations of two pony types have come full circle.

Yep, you got it!
And I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

YAY! They all have "tapped in" as it were.

Can't wait for more to answer the burning question of "now what?" :raritystarry::rainbowlaugh::yay::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

Will they all eventually become full alicorns?

You keep asking that question.
I don't think it's as intelligent as you think it is.

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