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In a parallel world, Sunset Shimmer had escaped her studies in Equestria and aligned herself with the evil Rainbooms of the other side. They now stand the mightiest in Canterlot High School, and no one is able to stand up to them. Their deception and manipulation to the staff keeps them on top, along with another hidden power.

But three new students seem to have these Rainbooms invested, and something about them just seems a bit off...

A special thanks to Bricklayer, and all of you for supporting this story and keeping it going. :twilightsmile:

Artwork done by Gpizano. Go check her work out, she's amazing!

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Not bad. Off to kind of a slow start, though. I would've liked to see more action going on than just the girls getting ready for school. The premise sounds interesting, though, so I'm curious to see where you're going with it :twilightsmile:


There should be some more action in the next chapter, I promise. :twilightsmile:

Hope you enjoy it!


Maybe rather than Sirens, the Dazzlings could be Muses in this story.

Here we go, I fell like I'm going to enjoy this.


I hope you enjoy it. :twilightsmile: as usual, likes and comments appreciated

It is so surreal to see the Dazzlings acting like, well, real and caring sisters. :rainbowlaugh:
Alternate-universe stories with the roles flipped might be common, but this seems like a very promising start, and I'm interested to see where it goes next. :twilightsmile:


I hope you will enjoy the story.

And likes and comments are appreciated!

A story with the Dazzlings as the heroes and the Rainbooms as the villains?

I'm curious to see where this goes.


I hope you will enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:


Aww, well thank you.

I hope you will enjoy more that comes with it, and likes are appreciated :twilightsheepish:


This sounds promising. If done right, this will be a great story!

Very good. Maybe it will get me to start working on my fan fiction again.

It's an interesting start, at least.

Off to a good start. It’s interesting to see the Dazzlings actually getting along with each other more than how they did in the EG special.

This is actually the first story I’ve seen where the roles of the Dazzlings and Rainbooms are reversed. I’m intrigued.

Looking forward to the next chapter.


1. I don't recall them showing up in the EG specials :twilightsheepish: I don't even remember them showing up at all. Unless I missed something?

And second, thank you, I hope you enjoy the story. I hope to make this a good story.

And as an early warning, no, this isn't gonna be a carbon copy of Rainbow Rocks with the roles reversed. That's not what I had in mind at all.

Hope you enjoy it my good sir/madam! :twilightsmile:


1. I don't recall them showing up in the EG specials :twilightsheepish: I don't even remember them showing up at all. Unless I missed something?

Oh, I actually was referring to Rainbow Rocks. Some call the “Equestria Girls” movies, other call them specials. Truthfully, I initially said movie before changing it. Sorry about the mix up. :twilightblush:

And as an early warning, no, this isn't gonna be a carbon copy of Rainbow Rocks with the roles reversed. That's not what I had in mind at all.

Hey, that’s totally cool. While I don’t mind a movie-or special:raritywink:-retold in a different way, I actually prefer reading an original idea.

And I’m sure I will enjoy it. :twilightsmile:


Oh that one. Sorry, I didn't know you were referring to the actual Rainbow Rocks. My bad.

But I hope you enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

This looks promising, I'll be tracking it. The thoughts of the Dazzlings being the protagonists is very interesting and Sonata sounds like she is going to be as cute as ever.


Well I hope you enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

Nice work with this chapter. There's a pretty notable typo in one line, though - Adagio says "centenary" when I'm pretty sure you meant "scenery".

But still, this was fun. I really liked the glimpse we've gotten of the evil Rainbow and Rarity, plus Sunset at the end. And Trixie is just really adorable, nice touch making her completely different :twilightsmile:

Evil Main 7! I love it! (I tried to say that in my best Rarity voice.)


Ah shoot, I can only imagine what's going to happen next. Food fight? Fist fight? Flash Sentry forced to transfer to CPA to avoid Sunset Shimmer's alpha bitch wrath? Sonata accidentally eating Pinkie's dessert? Aria accidentally stepping on Fluttershy's pet snakes? Aria picking a fight with Rainbow Dash at the football field? Rarity trying to sabotage Adagio's outfit? Applejack offering food laced with something to Sonata? Adagio running into Alpha bitch Sunset leading to a short confrontation?

Let me know if I'm getting close.

I agree. I really like the personality of this version of Trixie and a glimpse of the evil Main 7. :twilightsmile:

It's also interesting that you made Luna as the principal instead of Celestia. I'm curious, what made you decide on that for this story?


I remember looking back at some AU Equestria Girls photos with people put in different places, and so I thought about putting Luna in Celestia's place this time around.

Oh okay, cool! I bet we'll see Vice-principal Celestia soon?

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Interesting AU! My attitude:

"Infinite timelines, infinite possibilities *burp*, Morty."

I'm curious to see what the roles of some of the other characters are in this particular universe! Keep up the good work!

You can tell this is an AU, because none of the Rainbooms would be caught dead with fishnets in the normal universe. Not even Rarity.

Ok now I'm a little bit hyped up fir this, keep it going.

This is really good I'm looking forward to the next chapter and where this goes. Keep up the good work.

...there was a night bit of sunlight...

Did you mean “a light bit of sunlight”?

So, Luna is the principal, Trixie is friendly and not egotistical, and Sunset and most, if not all, of the Rainbooms seem to dress like punks/bad girls to match their reputations. Very interesting.

I’m liking it so far. Looking forward to what other differences there are, and the eventual meeting between the Dazzlings and Rainbooms.

Nice to see that, even though she agreed to play nice, Aria isn’t taking crap from anyone, especially when it comes to her sisters.

Like your take on Octavia. It sounds like she and Vinyl had a falling out. I can probably guess how that happened.

Adagio hugged her even more. "Its alright. I've got your back."

"And... you've got mine too."

Is the second line Trixie speaking? And shouldn’t it be, “And... I’ve got yours, too.”?

I think you’re doing okay with character intros. Keep up the good work.

This story just keeps getting more and more interesting.

And your pacing is just fine. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

I'm really enjoying this story! The "surprise" in Adagio's locker genuinely surprised me - but I shouldn't be surprised. Evil Fluttershy with access to animals is a scary thing... (I'm assuming that was Fluttershy. A snake seems too pedestrian for Pinkie Pie.)

And speaking of the Rainbooms, I liked Aria's confrontation with Rainbow at lunch. Especially "Now we're even."

This story's Octavia is really cool. Another great twist on a familiar character... though I wonder what happened with her and Vinyl... and if Vinyl is still a rocker, or if she's the prim and proper lady in this AU, haha.

And finally, I worry for Sonata, and what might be in store for her...

"Are you kidding? This girl here is an absolute sweetheart and she's had my back for the longest time." Octavia grinned but then scowled. "Certainly better loyalty than Vinyl..."

I smell an ex subplot!


Very nice. And sweet you used my Fluttershy owning Snakes joke!

Alright, enough of this is done that I can place it in my favorites....I'm looking forward to what comes next.....and I'm guessing it was Fluttershy who put the snake in Dagi's locker. And the fact that you have Aria not taking crap from anyone is brilliant.


And so it continues.

Great writing by the way.

I didn't find this cringy. I found it pretty darn funny :pinkiehappy: Nice twist on a song from the MLP movie - and I loved Octavia's explanation for it! XD

Ah. So it is Octavia and Vinyl that have the broken friendship problem that needs fixing before CHS can be set upon the path of Friendship and Harmony.

What’s next? A slaughtering of One Small Thing or Open Up Your Eyes?

God forbid, a slaughtering of Time To be Awesome?

Ok cringe level is about a quarter, but it still worked.

Like the direction things are going in.

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