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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Reality

During a visit to Sunny Flare's mansion, Sour Sweet explains how her anxieties make her feel that having a mental condition means that she shouldn’t have children. As fate would have it, she discovers that she has run out of her medication the very next morning. Deciding to stay home from Crystal Prep and wait for her mother to pick up more, she learns that not all hallucinations are terrifying… especially those that call her “mama”.

Cover art by Kul.

(My first featured story! - 3/22/16)

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It's kinda sad, yet at the same time heartwarming. Even though it was just a hallucination, Sour Sweet had so much love and affection for her make-believe daughter. Perhaps, it's a manifestation of her desire to one day have a little girl of her own. Perhaps, this is a dream made real.

I love reading your Sour Sweet fics. Keep them coming.

I like the direction this story took- opposed to the emotional sinkhole she could have been in. Great job as usual.

God Dammit Nico! Stop messing with my emotions!:fluttercry:

A very strange but bittersweet story.

I've read comments by real-life schizophrenics where they've expressed their feeling that their more complex hallucinations aren't so much unreality but an insight into what was, what will be, what might be and what might one day be. As Sour Sweet has already created a mental image of what her daughter might look like, it is unsurprising that her screwed up brain chemistry should have brought that mental image to life.

However, you can't help but wonder if she's had an insight into a possible happier future for her.

On a darker note, it reminds us just how powerful and overwhelming these hallucinations can be and the degree to which it can so totally shake the sufferer's sense of reality. For a few minutes there, she was thirty-something mother and career woman Sour Sweet and that was more real to her than her objective identity and circumstances.

I love it! You made the story BitterSweet. I like how you do these BittterSweet Stories, it uplifts my emotions so vividly. It is nice to see her get better from her condition, it is also fun to see her fight it. Or in some occasion dwell on it, like this one. I'm like following a TV drama or something, where a girl deals with schizophrenia with the help of the people around her.

I want to see more how these progress!

Therefore I wish you the best! Xoxo:heart::pinkiesmile:

I got really sad halfway through reading about Sour Sweet having fun with her "daughter" while knowing how it was going to end. I hope you write a story were Bitter Honey becomes a real girl, if you know what I mean.

7050266 You magnificent bastard. You work FAST! :pinkiegasp: Love it so much!!!!


Thanks!. Whats the name of the documentary tho, I cant find it yet?
Is it good enough to be the new cover? lol

Aha! So you DID kinda take my "teenage pregnancy" recommendation. Not to full extent, but still. And that's good, fan fiction writers are usually afraid to tackle the issue of parenthood...for obvious reasons. The best stories in that respect I've seen written by people who themselves are parents and have enough experience to tell the story right.

We need a story set fifteen years later ASAP.

By the way, this maybe just my soft spot speaking, but this was the best story in the series yet.

7051492 Now i just need a story that's in the future where the Kid is real and i'll be a happy man.

while her speech babbled incoherently about it,

This line is kind of odd. I would probably change it to something like "she babbled" instead. Also, the comma isn't correct in this instance.

This is probably the best one yet.

Don't ever stop writing this series.

If you end this series, it better be years later and be a big epilogue about Fluttershy learning what everyone at CPH is doing, how The Crusaders got e-famous, Chrysalis finally being a model again, and top it off by reaching out to Sour Sweet and her husband SLOW DANCER, FUCK EVERYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE, HIS NAME TO ME IS SLOW DANCER, HE RIDES HORSES AND HAS AN OIL BARON UNCLE AND BECOMES A BODYGUARD OR SOMETHING PHYSICAL, MAYBE CONSTRUCTION I DUNNO who are expecting a son, and their daughter Bitter Honey is learning to walk.

That was such a sweet story, nothin' more to say.

:fluttercry: This is adorable. I'm not sure what to say besides that, but it is amazing.
Also, I agree with everyone who says that there needs to be a Real Bitter Honey story in the future.

I’m on to you AND the man who shot Liberty Valance

I can't beleive you referenced that movie! Awsome a fellow western fan!

Also I beg of you to keep writing these! I love em' I love em' I love em'! down the road I wouldn't mind seeing Sour Sweet and 2nd person as older being man a wife ect ect. Who knows? Maybe Bitter Honey will *Ehem* Return.

7053092 :rainbowlaugh: Since you obviously have a lot of firm ideas, I wouldn't mind at all if you yourself wrote that fic ( and I wouldn't mind reading it ). Just be sure to tack on a note saying, "Inspired by Nico-Stone Rupan's Sour Sweet stories" or some such :raritywink:

7053352 Not that I don't enjoy a good Western now and again myself, but that particular reference is actually from the documentary that I mentioned in the Author's Note. The person with Schizophrenia featured in it randomly dropped "the man who shot Liberty Valance" as if he was referring to a real person.

This is so adoracute, Nico...

Keep churning out these cute, yet Awesome Fics Please!:twilightsmile:

makes you wonder if bitter honey comes sooner rather then later

7053817 The main idea of "everybody's happy, we all made it brah" is what counted there, but oh man I have permission.
Permission to fuck around in someone's world.
What I am being given is not so much an opportunity, but a rite of godhood.

Haha, 69 likes.:trollestia:

Are we sometime going to have sour interact with twilight?
Also, there's a series you should check out called shadow bolt adventures.

7054791 I've been trying to come up with a story for her and Sci-Twi ( I have about a dozen ideas that don't have complete plots yet ).

Yeah, I was a big follower of Shadowbolts Adventures early on, but then Dragonshadow started to make a lot of story decisions that I personally didn't enjoy and thought were kind of nonsensical, so I gave up on the series a while back.

7055367 hahahahahaaa...I scored a lot of downvotes and frowny faces when I pointed out that he portrayed Sour Sweet as a slut, and Lemon Zest as a cheater. I'm also not happy with the idea that the world of EG is some kind of else-human world, and not just straight up Earth. Rather than help immersion, that alienates some readers. Such little things like referencing the WWII, as you did, always make me happy.

Sour Sweet ran to the living room’s phone and stabbed three numbers down.
“911, what is your emergency?”
Sour Sweet halted as the truth dawned on her.
“Hello, ma’am? What about your baby?”
“S-sorry. False alarm…”

It was at this moment Sour Sweet realized:

An 8 story series about my favorite new character form the 3rd movie? Whelp, I better get started.
Seriously, how have I never seen any of these before?

EDIT: the feels in this one.

7055367 when you give up on that? The series just got real when sunset messed up sours medicen

7057835 I gave up reading at Chapter 2 of Independence Day. I just didn't like the weird turns and characterizations the series was starting to get.

I am aware of what happens in A Step Too Far which turns me off of Dragonshadow's writing even more. Story-wise, it's flawed because if Sour Sweet was homicidal if she didn't have medication she would certainly be institutionalized for safety reasons, not freely going to school and hanging around everywhere with her friends. Not only that, it contributes to the stereotype/overgeneralization that everyone who has a mental condition is a serial killer which is EXACTLY what I try to address and go against in my stories.

Oh...my. :fluttercry:

This was just so...I don't know what to say.

I'm not schizophrenic, but my life has been ruined by a mental condition. I've never been able to provide for myself and have never had and never will have a sweetheart. And naturally a family of my own is not even within the realm of possibility. Life is very lonely and dull much of the time and I'm afraid it's only going to get more so. This is certainly better than hallucinations, but the fact that neither your Sour Sweet nor I can have a normal life really does hit hard in a very tender spot. The main difference (other than her being fictional) is that she's just at the beginning of her life and I am towards the opposite end of the spectrum.

I'm glad she has hope, and someone who loves her.

This was amazing as usual. Your writing skills are superb! Any chance we'll get another story with Sour Sweet and Fluttershy? The I enjoyed the first one a lot and would like to see a continuation of their arc.

7060130 "Shy and Sour 2" is still on my list of stories to come up with a full plot for.

What is this sudden feeling in my chest...

That was really good, I teard up a little at the end I hope you write one where she does eventually have a kid.

Great whickering stallions ;-; THE FEELS FROM THIS STORY. I thought that she was actually going to turn out to be having a kid (Thanks to your last fic) and I was like... what. I expected this to be a thing about teen pregnancy.
Sweet Celestia, I was wrong.
This fic threw me in more ways than one. I love it, it's amazing. I need more of this in my life.

This is freaking beautiful.

One of the most heart warming fics I had ever read... You made me feel better about my day today.

7107818 I'm so happy to hear that. Thank you.

This was nice and fluffy and adorable. Except for when her meds kicked in... That was heart wrenching.

So many emotions... I'm missing panels and stuff at BABScon because I want to read these. Sour Sweet, you'd make a wonderful mother.

right in the feels..... i don't think i can recover from this one guys, go on without me!

great story!!!!

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