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This story is a sequel to Silver's Decision- The story of a bystander

My name is Silver Spoon. I never wanted to become a bully, even by association, and after last summer, I'm not. Me and Diamond Tiara had a big fight, resulting in us parting ways- permanently. Needless to say, she did not take it well.

This year I'm starting 6th grade with my new friends, Boysenberry and Sketch. I've also decided to cultivate my special talent for cooking, instead of hiding it like I used to. Things are starting to look bright.

But Diamond Tiara is starting 6th grade with her new friends too, Aquamarine and Coronet. Long story short, they don't like me.

But now I'm not sure which is worse- being the bully, or being the victim?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 18 )

Nice start! I really like this. ^^

Also, random (kinda) observation- Lol, this chapter name is almost the same as Pegasus Feathers' first chapter name- along with it being a new school year, and the milkshakes! XD T'was awesome to read so many similarities between our stories.

But anyways... Yeah, I like this! I was hoping for a sequel. ^-^ Like + Fave!

Good to see Silver Spoon had a good summer! I hope she can help Sketch get his cutie mark during this story. Hopefully the CMC will be there to help Silver when Diamond Tiara shows up again.

From the description:

But now I'm not sure which is worse- being the bully, or the victim?

In the short term it may seem better to be the bully, but almost always those bullies will pick one wrong target and it all will downhill from their. One of the few bits if wisdom from the Star Wars Prequels, "There's always a bigger fish."

As for Sketch's dad, funny then how more artists are remembered than athletes, and a good portion of those athletes who are remembered are remembered either for bringing about societal change or something outside of the sports field. Only the uber tier athletes can be remembered for their athletics alone and even then a good chunk of those can earn infamy for how they got to that point.

We'll still be talking about Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and even comic book artists long after they stop talking about Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, or Barry Bonds.

Hooray! The sequel is here and it's off to a great start! Thank you for working in the character descriptions so nicely, it helps me get a good feel for the characters. I love Silver Spoon's life ambitions. The culinary arts interest me greatly, so it's cool to see that same interest in one of my favorite ponies!

Insta-tracking this fic!

I look forward to seeing where this story goes, especially after having enjoyed the first one.

I would like to see you address the beating that Sweetie Belle received last story.

When could we expect another chapter in this story?

6984258 Due to it being midterm season at my school, and how my editor has been busy with her own projects, I haven't been working much. But you can expect another chapter sometime in late March to early April.


Sweet. Good luck with your classes!

6700601 I changed the chapter name, BTW. Now, it's 'Milkshakes and Movies'.

6993750 Ahh, ok! Still have a lot in common, though XD I like it

Diamond needs an ass-whuppin.

How is the next chapter progressing for you?

7482861 Slowly. Very slowly, I'm sorry to say.


That's ok. Take your time so you feel happy with what you publish.

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