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i <3 ponies


When Twilight loses the right to her own free will in a poker game against Diamond Tiara, things begin to change in Ponyville.



Takes place after Season four finale

Chapters (5)
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I don't know anything about those either LOL :twistnerd:

Respect mah effing autorita.....someone already made that joke? Oh c'mon!

:trollestia:<Twilight, why did you spend all of Ponyville's money on things a filly mad with power would like?
:twilightoops:<n-No reason.
:trollestia:<And this golden statue of...Diamond Tiara, was it? The same one to whom you signed over your new castle recently?
:twilightoops:-<She prefers to be called 'Queen Diamond Tiara'.
:trollestia:<...Twilight, is something wrong?
:twilightoops:<n-no. I love serving my one true queen, Diamond Tiara. It's all I live for.
:trollestia:<Mmmaybe this is one of those "I should get involved" things.

Diamond Tiara yawned, and then revealed her hoof of cards: an ace, two kings, and the queen of diamonds.

queen of diamonds.

...Deja fucking vu :derpyderp2:

But man, the first chapter reminded me so much of my story I got worried for a sec. Good to see it's completely different in subsequent chapters! Now, for the story itself...could use a bit more detail and the story is going a bit fast.

5350742 I admit, I got quite a bit of inspiration from your story (mostly in the first chapter) but I did try to make it my own.

Color me interested.

I cannot wait to see what happens next. :D


5385827 GRAVITY FALLS IS THE BEST SHOW EVAH! (except for my little pony)

Hey also since Rainbow dash is loyal if her friends tell her to do something she would have to since she's loyal.

Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Mar 2nd, 2015

Silver stared for a moment, then laughed. "Diamond, you are one evil filly."

"Thanks, Silver. I do try."

well it is my greatest pleasure in life to like, make Diamond smile. ((LOL))

5349459 I think Dia might be going a little overboard.. I thought she was just going to like, scare the Crusaders. I'm a little concerned she might actually hurt them.

well.. this is awkward. Can't answer in char because I don't know what Silver Spoon saw yet. :twilightsheepish:

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom lifted Apple Bloom up into the air, where she did a perfect flip and landed flawlessly on her hoofs

Lifting herself ? Now that's what I call impressive.


I like the way this story is going so far. :twilightsmile:

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