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Exploring probability space for fun and the absence of profit


This story is a sequel to One Day I Found a Multiverse in My Pajamas

Becoming the Spirit of Harmony has given Sunset Shimmer more senses than she knows what to do with, which is why she keeps most of them out of her mostly-human self. That said, it's an opt-out process; she can't leave out something she didn't know she had.

In all fairness, would anyone expect to be able to detect shifts in nearby timelines?

Part of the Oversaturated World.

Rated Teen for certain bodily functions and worldlines. Graciously edited by themaskedferret.

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Cliffhanger reactions aside, you have a real knack for weaving comedy into your stories. This whole world is becoming more and more fascinating. :derpytongue2:

I take this last scene from the world where everything is dead.
Sunset came back took over and everything went FUBAR.

Are you now going to remove "Re-Markable" from group precipitation?


Sunset.... please... don't stray further into the dark path....:fluttershysad:

Here's hoping that open ending may lead to continuation, and possibly cross dimensional war.

"Spindly mutant minotaur" is not the most flattering possible description for SciTwi, Starlight! :trixieshiftright:

by some process Spike didn't fully understand, making the salad made it his on some magical level, and he could catalog its contents at a glance

Ah, those oh-so-useful hoarding instincts.

changing the usual "My teeth are like swords, my claws spears" boasts to include "My nose is like a chemical analysis lab" would disrupt the mood.

So we're referencing DnD, The Hobbit, and Discworld all within a few sentences? You're spoiling me. :raritystarry:

Uh-oh indeed! That's a serious cliffhanger there, FoME. :pinkiegasp:

This makes me want to do some alternate pony universe shenanigans myself...

That last line... Twilight you dominant sadist you.

The only thing Sunset was able to take over was a highschool. And that was only when she got possessed by the elements of harmony.

Worst villain, decent hero. How bacon hair has gotten such a large fanbase is beyond me.

So in this multiversal cluster, Sunset is the cause of the Ashlands timeline.

Either that or she happened upon it after the fact and had no way to return to CHS.

FOME, you've done it yet again :twilightsmile:

And that ending :rainbowderp: Is that a continuation I smell?

Comment posted by KingMoriarty deleted Nov 21st, 2016

Well, there shouldn't be too many ways a whole country if not world turns into a barren wasteland within a decade. A burny demon girl seems to fit the deal well enough.

I read that as Bunny Demon Girl. Of course, bunny demon is redundant.

If there really was a bunny demon girl it truly would be the apocalypse. At least if she comes across Angel Bunny. Two bunny demons, multiplying like... well, you know.

7736301 actually calved is the proper term there. :twilightsheepish:

7736694 I wasn't even aware it was an actual word.

7736709 yeah calving is usually a cow having a calf, but it also applies to glaciers or large pieces of pack ice having metaphorical babies as well. :pinkiehappy:

Well, at least we know who the Dead World belonged to.

Also, is Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures going to show up and say "Only Sunset can defeat Sunset"?

That ending... Each worldline has it's own Astral denizens, right? ... If so, then Ashlands!Junior... If she's not dead... I don't wanna think about it... :pinkiesick: Then again, she might be mentally/spritually independent from the castle, and she's just mute as well... just more sad and angry than Main!Junior...

... Where's Ashlands!Discord? Or is he dead or something due to Sunset or something??

And "Taking such a direct approach can lead to a bunch of empty, self-satisfied smiles not accomplishing anything." ... Sounds like a story there! ... As a one well read in FOME, should I know what it is? :duck:

Twilight being controlled makes sense now, of course.

7736880 I found the "empty, self-satisfied smiles" reminiscient of Our Town. (Also, I think I can recall most of FoME's work, and I can't recall anything like that in any of it.)

Junior turned away, wrenched her toy-castle-shaped hat back into place, and huffed, "I'm fine."

...damn you. Now I'm picturing Twilight's castle as a moeblob. A pouty moeblob. A pouty tsundere moeblob. Voiced by Rie Kugimiya.

With Twilight's cutie mark on her panties.

Ooooh, wonder where that last bit is going... :pinkiegasp:


past tense: calved; past participle: calved

(of cows and certain other large animals) give birth to a calf.
(of a person) help (a cow) give birth to a calf.
(of an iceberg or glacier) split and shed (a smaller mass of ice).

I thought it was wrong too, but then I learned a new word. Huh.

This was a delicious bedtime snack.

Nice to see that tidbit expanded. But, gotta say, the story image made me lose it :rainbowlaugh:


That was DEFINITELY not what I was thinking to be the cause/correspondance to the Wastelands timeline! If that's a sequel hook than call me a fish because I have been CAUGHT on this line!
(I think that metaphor degraded on itself pretty quick...)

... the Castle is like a TARDIS? huh... NEAT! :pinkiehappy:


If I recall correctly, in one of FoE's other stories, it was stated that Discord, as an atemporal being, was aware of the timeshifts, but wasn't able to do anything to correct them- not his type of magic/preview. in some timelines, he was still imprisoned, in others he was dead (rather disconcerting, as he commented), and in one of course, he still ruled.


Yeah. This one I think: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/269242/1/time-enough-for-friendship/making-the-stars-right

And with this story, time travel and free will and stuff sort of make sense. Every choice is made, it's just some are less likely, so Starswirl goes to the most likely future. As that has enough probability to arise from the probability space background:

Technically speaking, they all already existed. The probability of their existence had just been so low that they were nearly indistinguishable from the background of probability space. You basically just dug them out of the higher-dimensional muck, and we can't bury them again."

I only do that with entries I wrote entirely, and then when they're virtually unchanged.

No, but it's the best comparison Starlight has on hoof.

I have a bad habit of doing that, yes.

Most buildings on the show are bigger on the inside. Clearly Equestria exists on an early Gallifrey. That or Time Turner is actually an architect.


So we're referencing DnD, The Hobbit, and Discworld all within a few sentences? You're spoiling me. :raritystarry:

Welcome to my thought process. :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks! Ever greater fascination is never a bad thing.

By all means, do so! AUs are tremendous fun to work with, and the flash fiction thread awaits should you choose to play in the Oversaturated World.

Twilight stopped her before she really got going. Yes, a teenage army wasn't the most menacing threat in existence, but causing a rupture in the fabric of reality? That made a bit more of an impact.

7736157 7736332
"Ashlands" is a poor name for this a particular instance of that timeline. That world didn't burn. It was bled dry, its magic-exsanguinated corpse slowly collapsing until the time battle found its way there.

I'm glad I could expand your vocabulary. :twilightsmile:

Junior never had a chance to exist in that timeline. Moondancer—yes, Moondancer, she's why the crown is moon-marked—failed to thwart Sunset before she could return the Elements to the Tree.

Discord is almost as dead as he can be. That's pretty darn dead, but not completely gone. As long as there is change and dissonance, he is there, but at the moment, he's incorporeal and comatose.

And "Taking such a direct approach can lead to a bunch of empty, self-satisfied smiles not accomplishing anything." ... Sounds like a story there! ... As a one well read in FOME, should I know what it is? :duck:

That doesn't refer to anything I've written. Yet.

And yeah, human Twilight does have an unfortunate tendency to get hijacked by cosmic principles. Still, if Sunset's anything to go by, they find her very attractive.

You're welcome. :ajsmug:

There weren't a lot of villains left to perpetrate it; even the Flimflam brothers went full Once-ler beforehand. By process of elimination, Sunset seemed like the most likely candidate.

Bingo. Also, small but important detail, don't forget the M when referring to me. FoE is something very, very different. And I don't mean Kkat's crossover story.

Probability space can summarized as follows: Everything happens. Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. Space is what keeps everything from happening to you.


FoE is something very, very different. And I don't mean Kkat's crossover story.

Hmm... Do you mean a Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens?


Twilight stopped her before she really got going. Yes, a teenage army wasn't the most menacing threat in existence, but causing a rupture in the fabric of reality? That made a bit more of an impact.

Well, we also saw her turn snips and snails into demons- presumably she could do that to the other teens as well. An army of demons, teenage or not, could probably do a decent amount of damage. And arguably, she could have probably enslaved the entirety of humanity, eventually, and without magic, they'd be helpless to stop her... and Equestria likely overwhelmed.

So if Sunset Shimmer, Demon Queen of Dust is going to be the mother of this new world, does that make Starlight Glimmer the father? :trollestia:

7738344 Wait, I thought those things were called "F***ing Overpowered Enemies"... Since that's basically what they are.

My personal theory for that one was that Twilight still had her surge (maybe through something Twilight did in that instance), but far less controlled than in the original timeline, making her first connect with the element of magic and then break it, pretty much breaking magic in the world.
...of course, that wouldn't fit for this instance, since Sunset obviously has a (somewhat) functioning Element of Magic on her head.

7738481 7736132
I don't get why everyone is so hung up on that "army of teenagers" thing. She put the crown on at Canterlot High, she turned into a demon at Canterlot High... unless there's a military base two blocks down from the school, what else would she start with than flaunting her new powers on the closest convenient targets? Even Discord started his rampage in the Canterlot/Ponyville area, and not in Manehattan.

That's a good point- personally I kind of figured it was a "Starlight Glimmer wins" timeline where all of equestria got equalized- and with pegasi being only as good at weather stuff as the other two races and earth ponies only as good at farming as the other two, etc etc, the entire world collapsed due to nobody being skilled enough to actually take care of it

Twilight sighed, dragging a hoof down her face. "Okay, Starlight? Breathe. This isn't nearly as bad as the time I almost destroyed the universe. Atomic matter wouldn't have survived."
Starlight just curled up into a ball.
"Call me crazy, Twi," said the earth pony with the hat, "but I don't think that helped."


Of course now you simply have to to Getting the Band Back Together.

7736031 I figure it has to do with an almost literal life time of training, and being around an extremely obsessive and meticulous mare. Between the two of them, he must have picked up quite a lot about certain things, like remembering certain details of something when he worked on it.

In the more exaggerated versions, Spike probably has to make Twilight salads with a very exact number, size, and shape of each ingredient, such as twenty-five pieces of lettuce, each cut into two inch by two inch squares.

who Starlight saw as no more


D&D reference? What, hoarding instincts?

7745459 Yeah. The bit about dragons being able to instantly memorize every detail about their belongings.

Huh. Hadn't considered who might have been behind the wasteland timeline. Or would it be more of a dustbowl?

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