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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls of Moo Mesa

The Rainbooms, the Turtles, and their allies are back again. And this time, they're going on a inter-dimensional trip to another New York where they cross paths with another team of turtles. Will the turtle teams be able to work well together when familiar threats emerge and return or will they have finally met their matches?

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012xEquestriaGirlsxMyLittlePonyFriendshipisMagicxTeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003 crossover.

The timeline in the 2003 universe takes place after the events of the Lost Episodes. Meaning the events of Fast Forward, Back to the Sewer, and Turtles Forever have not happened.

I don't wanna have to deal with or listen to so many of you who pestered and annoyed me with constantly asking me when my next one of this series would be. I took that break to get away from it, but clearly some of you didn't take the hint like others did. Well, hope you're happy I launched this. But don't ask me when I'll update it because that's up to me. I don't care if you're impatient or restless, you just have to deal. Thank you.

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Will Tiger Claw be returning as an ally this time?

I wonder if Karai would have a few choice words to share with, um.....herself?

9919247 Oh she'll have plenty to say when the two inevitably meet

This is gonna be so sweet and Epic! TMNT from 2003 has Always been my favourite version.

OOOhh!! this is gonna be epic

Nice touch man. Your back in action and you made the crossover of the 2003 series with the 2012. That is awesome. I can’t wait for the next one, keep up the great work

I don't blame ya, I need a rest sometimes my self

Happy someone finally uses the 2003 Turtles for once but how will they react to Master Splinter?

9919772 They 2012 turtles will be glad to see him, while also joking about how much shorter he is compared to 2012 one. While the 2003 turtles will more or less be surprised by what the 2012 Splinter was like and that he's gone.

And that he’ll smack them for disrespecting their master no matter what dimension they're from.

The master splinter in the 2003 dimension is not the same hamato yoshi, but his actual pet who learned ninjutsu by watching him.

I liked The Lion King reference

Oh yeah the 2003 version meet their 2012 version!!


That' literally how they react in my fic I making

Alright, getting a little deeper in the TMNT-verse.

Happy you use my idea but one question; Is Karai the new Shredder or they already defeated the Demon Shredder? Also how will they react to Dr. Baxter Stockman 2003 being... A brain and eyeball?

9921545 I stated this in the cover description

The timeline in the 2003 universe takes place after the events of the Lost Episodes. Meaning the events of Fast Forward, Back to the Sewer, and Turtles Forever have not happened.

Oh... Sorry haven't seen TMNT 2003 in a decade and most of the episodes got deleted and removed in YouTube. Ungrateful Bastards

I really respected Hamato Yoshi. he was a true ninja, both wise and strong. I wonder how the turtles and the girls would react if they met the ancient one? :rainbowlaugh:

“Our Shredder wasn't human, he was just pretending to be human.” Donatello explained.

That and the real Shredder in the 2003 universe is more demon than human. Not to mention he had a killer dragon form that makes Spike's greed growth look cute and cuddly.

I wonder how they will react when they find out that the year in this dimension is actually 2003?

Nice job man. This is a great story for their counterparts to catch up. And they were a little surprise too and even in both worlds, their are still some things about master Splinter and Casey that could never change. And its nice for the turtles and the girls to see master Splinter again, even if it's just his counterparts. But, at least their is a dimension where Splinter is still alive. Nice job and keep up the good work.

Thank you for the help. Wonder how the 2012 turtles will react to the superheroes, the late Ultimate Drago and the war between the Triceratons and Federation

I’m wondering, will Turtles Forever still occur and will the G1 MLP be a plot point as well?

Definitely worth the wait.

Hahahaha! Funny Sunny! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I'm sorry, but you totally lost me here. At first, it was a little too much with the amount of characters you jam packed into this fic, thus making everything feel so cluttered, but I was willing to let it slide just to see the 2003 Turtles again. However, your portrayal of 2003 Leonardo is nothing more than character assassination, which is especially worse for me since he's one of my all-time favorite characters. Leonardo would not be this petty and hung up about fighting dirty, as he's a ninja.

Even when you take into account that he learns the way of Bushido (which, btw, is severely misrepresented due to the Western romanticizing of it), Leonardo is an open-minded character who adapts accordingly and would try to understand any underhanded tactics to get the upper hand on the enemies. Here, you have him be a close-minded idiot just because you gotta have some kind of conflict of disagreement (because God forbid we have a crossover where the two franchises actually cooperate from beginning to end), and it all comes off as nothing more than plot contrivances with terrible writing and portrayal.

If you're so desperate to have a conflict and disagreement between the two, you could have at least had 2003 Leo point out that the 2012 characters tend to be more reckless, as that was one of the major flaws of the 2012 series. It may have been some time since I saw the 2003 series, but I remember the Turtles being more coordinated and team-oriented than the 2012 Turtles, who often charge into battle head-on and lose just as much as they win. That would've created better drama, especially since 2012 Leo can reflect upon this observation and note the amount of battles they could've won. This is also more fitting since the 2003 characters are more grown-up and mature compared to their 2012 counterparts.

Otherwise, and I'm sorry about this, but you've lost me on this crossover. I wish you the best of luck.

this is very worth the wait in so many ways.

True but still good to say.

that's exactly what I say, luckily I've got a fic on DeviantArt, Fanfiction and AO3 that is doing just that

But in terms of villainy, both Ch’rell and Oroku Saki were tied for most evil incarnation of Shredder.

TMNT Turtles together and forever

I didn’t think they were jerks. I mean each series of TMNT shows them with different personalities. I mean when Leo (2003) talked about their actions, I think it’s like the opening.

Also, will their be their enemies Comparison. Like how 2003 Bishop is a human and hates aliens and 2012 Bishop is an Utrom

Definitely worth the wait.

10011970 Yes along with 2003 Baxter Stockman being a brain in a jar while 2012 Stockman was first human then mutant fly and now human again

And don't forget the 2012 Turtles always mess up his name

Will there be a Turtles Forever fanfiction

Leo12: Lazlo Glockmun?
Stockmen03: Hummm, I take it in your world, Leonardo is the dumb one.
Leo12: Haaaay! D:<

This was a vast improvement, bravo, best way to start the new year

Oh shell... I wonder how both Mikeys will annoy both Raphs with their superhero costumes?

This is getting good. Nice work, Wild.

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