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Horse-words writer believing in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, creatively crafting stories in imitation of a creatively crafting God. Consider this: Are you sure you're going to Heaven?

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Do You Think You're Going to Heaven When You Die?

Are you concerned about going to Heaven? Doubtful about your afterlife? Afraid of dying because you don't know where you're going?

No matter what your answer is, go here to find out the truth.

No matter how much good you've done, your righteousness is but a filthy rag. God is infinitely holy, and even a single white lie is enough to merit eternal punishment for an offense against an infinite God. How can one be saved, then?

You need God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ—the only Way, Truth, and Life—to forgive you of your sins, to obtain salvation and eternal life freely as a gift. You don't have to go to Hell and suffer for your sins forever; believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you shall be saved; trust in Him fully, to give up yourself to His good will.

Know Jesus, and you shall be saved.

(Any questions about it? The Got Questions site has answers for almost every question about Jesus, the Bible, and more!)

Christian Resources

Here's a list of websites you'll likely find useful:

Sermon Audio: a repository of over a million Christian sermons
Grace to You: the official website of Grace Community Church which is located in Los Angeles, California. Full of blog posts and sermons from its pastor, John MacArthur.
Answers in Genesis: a Christian apologetics organization with a focus on science.
Stand to Reason: another Christian apologetics organization, this one with a more general scope.

Horse words is a realm that has been explored, whose depths have been plumbed and its heights have been conquered. From staggering sagas to mercurial novellas, the visitor may harbor the notion that everything has been said and that there's nothing new anymore.

But he's wrong. There are gaps and holes left alone in the world, waiting for someone to jump in and see the treasures underneath. There are stars and planets yet untouched, waiting for someone to get on a spaceship and plant a flag on them. There are narratives, storylines, and novel threads unknown, sitting on the same old paths everyone takes: all they need is someone ambitious, bold, and crazy enough to chase after them.

But what will drive such a person to pursue such things?

  • Perhaps he likes the narratives he's read, but there's none from this path or that road or this one particular what-if scenario: so he makes his own narrative.
  • Perhaps he's been amazed by the storylines that the realm has to offer, amazed enough that he himself wants to spread that amazement, inspiration, and thought-provoking emotion or emotion-provoking thought to others: so he makes his own storylines.
  • Perhaps the popular novel threads written by his fellow religious/Christian peers outside the horse-worlds realm worry him for they know of the creative God but don't quite churn out world-stopping works of art: so he makes his own novel threads, to imitate a creative Creator God.

Perhaps all three.

And I'd like to think I'm that someone ambitious, bold, and crazy enough to chase after those unknown stories. To write them into existence.


October 2021 Update · 3:25pm November 10th

Another short update for now, but it's significant.

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Future Projects

The following titles are under working titles/codenames unless specified. Arranged in descending order of when they'll most likely be released. Descriptions are intentionally vague and may or may not be misleading to avoid spoilers.

Monte Isonzo: Long story set in the Crystal War timeline shown in the Season 5 finale.
Caffè Americano: Multi-chapter short story set after Season 7.
Catcher Four: Long story set in the Magical Curiosity universe.

Comma Typer's Author Existence Failure

I go on this site daily. I may be away for a while, but you'll never see me offline for a week. Usually.

In unusual circumstances (and if I haven't shared any news that might explain my being away), assume the following depending on how long I've been offline:

  • One week: a trip that's gone longer than expected. May or may not involve an emergency.
  • Two to three weeks: disaster, natural or not, most likely happened. In such a case, I will do my best to post an I'm-not-dead blog post as soon as possible.
  • Four weeks or one month: I'm dead.
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Thanks for adding Restoring the PippSqueaks to your library! I'm glad you liked it <#

You're welcome, friend. You deserve a smile. :rainbowkiss::pinkiesmile:

And thankies! That's a good one. :twilightsmile:

If you're talking about Heat Death for Two specifically: well, technically, that's not custom cover art since the sun diagram is from a public domain illustrated book or something like it.

If you're talking about how I do cover art as a whole: well, thank you! I do think it's a good auxiliary skill to have by the grace of God. Some people say that no cover art is better than bad cover art, but over time, I've seen no cover art as typical of the average decent fic. I don't have the cash to pony up for a commission nor do I want to use existing fan art (since that fan art already exists as its own thing on DeviantArt and it'd be like taking a photo of the Mona Lisa and using it as the cover art for a Renaissance-set novel)—and I certainly don't have the chops to make my own pony art. So this will do [with the help of show screenshots and public domain pictures]. Also comes with the satisfaction of designing both the story and the cover art.

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