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I like to read pony fiction and am interested to write some of my own, but more importantly, I'm a Christian, believing in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.


Sight See hasn't always been an admin assistant in some inter-dimensional embassy. Unlike his benign work these days, his first visit to Equestria as a college intern went off the rails and out of his comfort zone. However, it got him to where he was today.

So he tells the story of how he didn't die during his Equestrian internship.

Entry for Shrink Laureate's Season 9 Bingo Writing Contest. Thanks to Orbiting Kettle for the much-needed brainstorming sessions!

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Even after magic flooded the world, some things remain constant: People die. Romance is hard. The Crystal City Emperors suck.

Two days before the Ultra Bowl, which obviously won't include the Emps, Flash Sentry goes to the local sports bar, burdened by Crystal City's consistent athletic failures. Among other things.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Editing and brainstorming sessions by FanOfMostEverything.

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A long time ago, a yak was sent out by his leader on a quest to search for the best gift ever. After days of traveling and experiencing nothing but snowstorms, he's tired beyond belief, muscles sore and each step a pound heavier to take. When all seemed lost, he saw a lodge in the distance. With every ounce of his strength, he reached the lonely house, hoping that an ordinary caretaker would bring him in and help him in his adventure.

However, what he found was no ordinary caretaker; instead, what he found was more than he bargained for.

Thanks to Azure Drache for this story's brainstorming sessions.

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After the fatal fusion of Earth's and Equestria's dimensions, after the resulting Veil began its slow and magic spread over the planet, after the Conversion Bureaus were set up along with a whole slew of relief efforts and programs from Equus to help humans out in this crisis....

In the midst of this rising turmoil, Sam Henry travels to Los Angeles to volunteer at the closest bureau. On the surface, it's merely and purely an act of goodwill—airplane tickets are wildly fluctuating as panic starts to settle in. However, he knows that, in less than five years, his hometown would be changed into a magical place. There'd be no humans left back there.

As he helps out in the bureau, Sam's mind wanders into the realm of what to do before the Veil gets to him.

Set in the world of Alex Warlorn's The Conversion Bureau: Not Just Ponies.

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This story is a sequel to Magical Curiosity

After a serious magic mishap with the portal, the dimension of Sunset Shimmer and her friends has been rocked to its very core with everyone suddenly a pony, a zebra, a griffon, or some other magical creature from magical Equestria.

Not to mention that this reality's gone magical as well, if the sun revolving around the Earth did not make that obvious enough.

With this irreversible change, everyone's stumbling along in the quest to regain a semblance of normal life, but how can they do that in strange bodies and with strange magic? How will they tackle all the old with all the new?

Find out in this not-so-chronological collection of short stories exploring the day-to-day journey this world's taking.

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For Sunset Shimmer, letting a group of impressionable high school students in the know about another dimension where magic reigns and talking ponies are the norm is not the easiest thing to handle. It does not help that the portal to this dimension is right in front of the school.

Sooner or later, though, she has to deal with more than mere questions about Equestria. Twilight becomes curious enough that words won't cut it for her anymore. She wants to see this dimension for herself.

So, Sunset begins by offering to bring her camera through the portal to take pictures and videos of her next trip there in Equestria.

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It all began with changelings—mysterious creatures from the Badlands who could shapeshift into anything and anyone.

When they took over Canterlot, they shocked many not with the swiftness of their attack but with how many in Equestrian society had been replaced long ago with changelings, their true identities revealed when it was too late.

In the year or so that followed, Equestria pulled back full tilt, desperate for a safe place to hide. However, no matter how the ponies tried to conceal themselves from their foes, they would always succumb to the changelings—whether by brute force from without or by covert infiltration from within.

And now, the most formidable outpost of the resistance against Changeling Queen Chrysalis—Camp Ponyville—was reported fallen, vanquished by an iron hoof. To those still alive, the changeling armies became only more unstoppable than ever before, shaking Equestria to the very core.

Or, rather, what's left of Equestria.

With this piece of news, everyone on all sides were left thinking about their next steps.

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When the villainous Nightmare Moon returned and made Princess Celestia disappear, word quickly got around that she would bring about eternal night under her reign. Most were afraid to confront her but a certain group of friends charged on to free the land from such a fate.

They did just that, saved Luna who they discovered was Celestia's sister, and not only was Equestria saved with the Royal Two Sisters back together, but ponies realized that those bold friends held the magical and powerful Elements of Harmony—no, these heroines embodied them. What followed was festivities everywhere, honoring the noble deeds of six friends.

Two parents in Cloudsdale also participated in the festivities, especially when they realized that Rainbow Dash, their only daughter, saved Equestria and was revealed to be the Element of Loyalty. So, when Rainbow herself received a letter from them telling her to celebrate back home with a party...

Let's say she's not prepared.

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The School of Friendship is a place where creatures from Equestria and beyond can learn about the magic of friendship. Of course, in order to function properly in society, one must learn other things, too, like mathematics, science, history...

And, chairs?

Well, at least Principal Twilight Sparkle believes chairs are an important subject, important enough to warrant a surprise field trip to the local marketplace to learn a thing or two from chairs.

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It's been months since Earth and Equestria made first contact. While the first few weeks have certainly been tumultous—cue the philosophical ramblings, the extra-political debates, and the riots flaming up here and there, not to mention severe culture shock from both sides—those things have died down...for the most part. These days, humans and ponies are just trying to get by, living with each other's dimensions connected.

On an early spring Friday, Lyra Heartstrings takes a trip to Blueglove, a booming city in Grays Harbor County, Washington. Her chosen dinnerplace: William's, a not-so-old diner recently renovated to accommodate Equestrian species and their tastes. She'd heard that Earth diners are not that different from the ones back home, so why not a little of the familiar with a big dose of the new?

And so, she sits at the counter and strikes a conversation with one waiter there: Carter.

Proofread by Everfreepony.

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