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Horse-words writer believing in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, creatively crafting stories in imitation of a creatively crafting God. Consider this: Are you sure you're going to Heaven?


Screwball, far from home in place and time, took on the thankless job of bringing ponies through the chaos of Discord's Equestria.

She is still sane. She is still okay.

Just one more pony to keep safe on her travels, then she'll head home.

Thanks to Venerable Ro (initial brainstorming from years ago), Casketbase77 (recent brainstorming), FanOfMostEverything (pre-reading), and Logarithmicon (pre-reading).

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For Feather Bangs' mother, only the perfect gift can be had this Hearth's Warming.

If only he didn't trust a witch with sinister designs to help him out.

Written for Brawny Bold for Jinglemas 2023! Merry Christmas!

Thanks to Inito Motiya the Cheeser (inito_montoya on Discord; brainstorming), Mokoma (brainstorming, pre-reading), and Casketbase77 (pre-reading).

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The aging Eros used to be the Archon of the Church of Boreas, Regent of the Griffonian Empire, bent on uniting Griffonia under the Imperial banner.

No more. Not after the undead devoured the world, led by the Queen of Bones, a unicorn named Rosa Maledicta. Her goal: to annihilate all life and usher in an eternity of death. She has almost won, for the souls that yet live are a dwindling, single-digit few.

Armed with nothing but holy water and holy bread, this lonely griffon of holy robes thus seeks out Rosa in the wasteland that is the north.

An entry to The Sixth Annual Equestria at War Writing Contest. Thanks to Casketbase77 (pre-reading and brainstorming) and Mokoma (brainstorming). Portrait of Rosa Maledicta used with permission from the artist (Scroup).

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Deep into the future, Party Piece—the Element of Laughter's furthest descendant—forgets.


A polished version of a Writeoff entry from an intentionally unspecified contest.

Thanks to Venerable Ro for brainstorming help during the initial Writeoff contest. Thanks to Casketbase77, Jaded Hearts (Cinderheart), and Paracompact for revisions/pre-reading long after its release. Thanks to Groaning Grey Agony for the cover art.

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Far from home, small-time journalist Cauliflower Shrew has made it to the cradle of endless death that is the former Arisian League, itself the bloated corpse of what was once Hippogriffia, to report on the violent embers of its civil war. With the services of infamous griffon gun-runner Gerwin, she has all her bases covered for this trip.

But it's not just the news she's been sent here for. She's been given a solution with which to end the bloodshed.

And that gun-running griff may be the key.


An entry to Science Fiction Contest II.

Belated thanks to UnknownError, The Great Scribbly One, and Kognitive#6856 for initial brainstorming help.

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Cinnamon works for the Inter-Creature Bureau of Metareality, an organization dedicated to communication and cultural exchange between other realities. She doesn't expect much beyond the scope of her interfacing occupation with other worlds.

But the end of one of these realities—and a chaotic refugee desiring her presence—seek to upend Cinnamon's expectations.

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Years later, former world-saving hero Sunset Shimmer has been trying to help others embrace Equestrian magic on Earth. This winter, it's by assisting a couple college freshmen do well in a start-up college fair-slash-competition with magic as its gimmick.

But her routine breaks when an old friend comes up at work, looking for good company and someone to talk to after the holidays. And it won't just be about catching up with friends...

Written for DrakeyC for Jinglemas 2022!

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Sky Beak is an athletic outdoorsman seeking to make money out of being a tour guide.

Ocean Flow is the sister to her country's queen, now out on the field and doing work for the Tourism Board.

The married couple meet once more in the small coastal town of Basalt Shores in the wake of magic gone wrong, the whole world having become strange fantasy creatures. With Ocean stuck at the beach and the sea, and with Sky doing double duty by helping the village's population adapt to their new forms, they end up having to work together.

And worst of all, to live with each other.


This both takes place in the universe of Magical Curiosity and supersedes all other stories in said universe. If there is any conflicting information between this story and other entries, this story takes priority.

This is also an entry to FanOfMostEverything's Ancestral Tribute contest.

Thanks to Venerable Ro for brainstorming, and KorenCZ11 and Casketbase77 for pre-reading.

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The parallel universes of Earth and Equus have met peacefully, so in a show of unity and cultural exchange, the Multiverse Expo is taking place in Canterlot City, where humans and Equestrians enjoy each other's accomplishments and company.

But in the midst of Apple Bloom's excitement over magic creatures and working with the family to sell good Apple family cooking to these fascinating visitors, she encounters a stallion who bears too much resemblance to her brother for it to be a coincidence.

So she steps forward to connect with family beyond the boundaries of her universe.

Brainstormed with and pre-read by Venerable Ro and Ninjadeadbeard, pre-read again by Casketbase77.

Will release all seven chapters, from two to three per day, preferably daily.

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While preparing for her coronation, Twilight Sparkle questions why there's no royal sunflower contest in Canterlot. This line of questioning leads Princess Luna to let Twilight in on an open secret:

Celestia hated sunflowers.

Commissioned by KorenCZ11. Proofread by Venerable Ro.

Sunflower art taken from "The Art of Friendship," an Equestria Girls Summertime Short.

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