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This story is a sequel to Oversaturation

Even in a world that just amended the laws of physics, not everything is going to be some grand world-shaking adventure. Sometimes, it's going to be silly, or at least short. These are those stories.

Canonicity is dubious at best.

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Wait a bit... if they're singing at the laundromat, it's a soap opera, isn't it? :ajbemused:

I suppose so, but this was meant as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference. That pun was entirely your creation. (Or possibly Joss Whedon's.)

Be glad they're not rat liches or vampires. Even a swarm of rat wights would kill you with the sheer weight of negative levels.

Maybe it's not flying so much, but I bet she can fall with substantial style. :raritywink:


And then next up, Orcas.

Oh jeez imagine diplomatic talks with baleen whales.

It either ends in a universe shattering paradox, or a particularly raunchy clopfic.

Welp, time to get the versebreakers.

Mana bars...

This chapter was an excuse to make that into a pun.

Ah, but I think Celestia's chambers are in the WEST wing. You know, the sun sets in the west and all.

The scary thing about this chapter is how much it makes sense :rainbowderp:

You badly misspelled journal.

Other than that, hilarious.

And thus began the first experimental uses of Sunset's cutie mark as a positive energy focus (or "holy symbol," according to the thaumologists who first proposed the idea.) She wasn't happy about it, but it did work.

Well, Masterweaver misspelled it and I missed that in the transcription. Still, fixed.

Let's do this collectively:

Maybe it's not flying so much, but I bet she can fall with substantial style. :raritywink:

Very much so. Thankfully, since there's no ingrained societal expectation for her to fly, she isn't going to be so desperate as to strap fireworks to her back.

Oh jeez imagine diplomatic talks with baleen whales.

Pity the whalers, especially once the whales figure out the song that makes heads explode.

It either ends in a universe shattering paradox, or a particularly raunchy clopfic.

Summoning yourself can be likened to sticking your hand down your throat, grabbing your own anus, and pulling. Summoning an alternate version of yourself is far safer and potentially raunchier. Still, neither Twilight likes the other quite like that. The human one has eyes only for Sunset. And maybe Pinkie.

Rat lich.

Rat lich.

Swimming in the ocean
Causing a commo—

Wait, no, wrong spondee.

Welp, time to get the versebreakers.

The ETSAB is working on bringing in trainers. It's hard to locate ponies who are both comfortable in balding ape form and with teaching themselves.

Mana bars...

This chapter was an excuse to make that into a pun.

Masterweaver's portion was, yes.

Ah, but I think Celestia's chambers are in the WEST wing. You know, the sun sets in the west and all.

Ah, but it rises in the east. You'd think she'd want southern exposure so as to see the whole arc. (Or northern exposure if they're south of the equator, assuming a spherical planet.)

Unless she really looks forward to getting to her room at night, and REALLY hates having to get up before dawn. :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by michaelb958 deleted Oct 3rd, 2016

Heh. Hehhehheh. If cover stories are meant to set the tone for the collection, I think I'll like this collection.

"Summoning yourself rarely ends well."

I'd just like to say that I remember that bit of Elementals of Harmony, and I therefore see what you did there.


Hmm. Chrysalis has a cult? I want more details.

My solution was to refer to thaum-saturated sugars as "manna," two n's. It also restored mana, 1 n.

Yes, this was entirely an excuse to make desserts mana restoration items. Cupcake?

7087739 It's really the cover story because it's the one that was written first chronologically. But it does set the tone fairly well.


Swimming in the ocean

Causing a commo—

Wait, no, wrong spondee.

One step closer to a Derpy Lich :derpytongue2:

How hard would it be to come up with a nickname. Princess Twily. TSparkle

And thus the plot of Hitchhiker's was derailed, because they could understand dolphins.

Would Twilight appear with a party hat and a small cheese cube on a toothpick? All the cool personifications do.

Depends on the nature of the party from which she was summoned. Given her friends, a cupcake seems more likely than cheese on a stick, though the hat has good odds.

well, that's fine for when they're his students but what about after graduation?

This it's amusing, even the most mundane aspects of a deity life are interesting specially when they are still transitioning to the new status quo.

"Well, I can't do anything about your little cult, but I may have a better way for you to effect change.



Hopefully, by the time they graduate, students will be cursing his name rather than revering it.

"Effect" actually does have a valid use as a verb, and I'm using it correctly here.

And yeah, post-ascension adjustment is probably quite awkward, especially in a formerly low-magic environment.

So... do dudes turn into catgirls, too? Aww heck, who am I kidding, sign me up for all three of them. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, dear. Someone's telepathy has just kicked in.....and just before the primary one is about to become a magic superhero who chases the same idiot around forever. If tomorrow's pans out like I think it will, Twilight can join a support group with the Winx Club and Doctor Orpheus.

Do you honestly think he'd let a little thing like causality stop him? Sunset, maybe, but he may well be able to persuade her to look the other way whi... er, "while" he's "tweaking" things.

7171909 Only American English though. This is similar to other noun-to-verb words that the Americans invented like "actioning", "trending" and "parenting". "Affect" change is wrong either way though, unless you want to alter the change in some way.

This reminds me of an off-hand joke I saw elsewhere- Celestia enacting a "Stop worshiping me" tax to discourage her admirers from praying to her.

7172908 yes, affect would be used to mean alter or change (as a verb), while effect as a verb would mean to make or bring about X. That X being "change" used as a noun in this case.


Actually, as far as I'm aware the verb form of "effect" had come into use by the start of the 1600s. No matter how much one might worship the U.S., time travel/backwards causality are not yet (for what that's worth) within its reach.

(I suspect the same goes for at least a couple of the other examples you gave too, though I'd need some time to look those up. But as a general rule, you probably shouldn't jump right to aiming all credit/blame for the English language at the U.S. - the language did undergo much/most of its development in Britain, after all. In fact, in many ways a lot of the variants of American English are more conservative than their Commonwealth counterparts, which tends to result in some rather amusing reactions when you show Proper-English Paladins that they've completely undermined their own positions.)

It's not telepathy, just oversensitvity. The same thing happened to Twilight at Crystal Prep on occasion, but back then, she'd just assumed that she hated the place. Which she did.

I assume it is. As I said, more than a little autobiographical.

All tweaks will be isolated in a controlled setting, easily reversible, and solely for the purpose of research. That's his story and he's sticking to it.

Sadly, Sunset isn't in any position of political power, and trying to assume one on the basis of great magical power comes far too close to her Fall Formal plans for her to even consider it. As such, the closest she can come to the "stop worshiping me" tax is to demand tithes, which wouldn't be very helpful. And given how most of her worshiper base was acquired through the Internet, she'd probably have to do it through a Patreon. "Sunset Shimmer is creating continued cosmic stability."

Now, since y'all can lift fifty stone onehanded, there's some chores need doin'...

This quote just sells the whole thing! :rainbowlaugh:

Is it bad that I think that I understand what Pinkie is saying?

Just use Twilight-S for


I wonder how many times they're going to be walking down the road and: "Dum-de-dum-dee-dee...NO, DAMNIT!"

How, my dear Twilight? Because magic is quite sadistic in the fractal nature of its effects, that's why! :pinkiehappy:

Tasering Adagio Dazzle... Somehow, I feel that this is a button Aria could never tire of pressing!

This is the point where you put Twilight in a Faraday Cage with a family-size bottle of Valium!

I know that this is written as funny sillies but, oddly enough, what would happen if Sunset found that one of her friends was a member of the Sunset cult? Can you imagine the awkwardness?

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