• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Flaring Tempers, by Masterweaver

"SUNNY! Sunny, wait up!"

Sunny Flare continued walking, though her pace was slightly faster.

Lemon Zest rolled her eyes, putting an extra skip in her step before catching up. "Look. You don't like me. I'm the girl with a random mind that doesn't seem to know when to stop talking and somehow has higher grades then you, and I've probably offended your sensibilities in more then a few ways, but I have a for serious real deal need-to-talk thing I need to talk with you about, and I need to make sure you're actually listening to me instead of pretending to listen and hoping I'll go away soon, and it is really super important, I'm trying to get all the Shadowbolts in on this; look, here's how serious I am."

Sunny found a pair of headphones shoved into her hands. "What—?"

"Prized possession. You're holding it. You could break those at any moment. I am putting something I care about on the line to get you to listen. Are you listening?"

"Ugh. Fine. Sure." Sunny Flare glanced at a clock. "You have two minutes."

"I am genuinely worried that the stress from the upcoming Friendship Games tryouts will cause parts of the student body to snap and I am asking for your help in keeping an eye on everyone's emotional and psychological stability."

Sunny blinked. "...What."

"Okay, first of all, Moondancer is our number one academic, which means she's going to get a place on the team. Problem is, she's a major introvert; being put in front of all those other students, ours and Canterlot High, that is going to do a number on her. Indigo Zap has a developing god complex, which we've had to rely on Sour Sweet to handle—yes, I'm aware of the irony—and this will either set up a possible full on 'worship me' if she stays on the team or 'blasphemous fools' if she gets kicked off. You, you're a perfectionist, and I know you're either confident enough in your skills that you don't care or you're super worried and hiding it... Look, all I'm saying is that this isn't about you, or me, or Crystal Prep anymore. This is about the student body being put through a social-emotional wringer and having no support."

"...You're worried over nothing." Sunny shoved the headphones back into Lemon's hands. "And besides, achievements are the only way to demonstrate one's skill."

"Okay, that is a dangerous and fundamentally flawed philosophy to have."

"Really?" Sunny Flare glowered at her. "Do you think the great leaders are remembered for keeping the pace? No. They made changes. They made history. The greats achieved, through their skills, that which would be remembered."

"Fine, sure, but that's history. What's the point in having skills if you don't get to use them every day? Showing off and being great is good, but if it's all you're living for then you're not living between your achievements."

"...I cannot believe this. I refuse to have a philosophical argument with a— with a... with a NEPOTISM-BENEFITING DUNCE!"

"Hey! Auntie Abby hates me, and technically speaking a dunce is a slow learner! Fool would be a more accurate term in my case—"

"A fool, right, and who's more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows them?"

"So instead of following the fool, who at LEAST happens to know she's a fool, you're going to ignore them entirely and forge your own path?"

"Far wiser, wouldn't you say?"

"The court fool was allowed to point out the flaws of the king. And all the best kings had fools."

"And what flaws do you think I have?"

"You're focused too much on achievement in lieu of connection. You want to be the best, and you don't care to help the worst. You can see the flaws in others, but you don't do anything to assist them, and you can see the flaws in yourself and you don't do anything to correct them."

Sunny rubbed her wrists uncomfortably. "...It's better to work toward perfection then to become consumed in one's failings."

"Maybe. But they're called the Friendship Games for a reason." Lemon put her headphones back on, turning to leave. She gave one last parting shot over her shoulder. "What's more important, Flare, the grades or the students behind them?"

Sunny Flare stood in the hallway, staring after her as she walked off, still rubbing her wrists.

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