• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Pieces of Flare, by Masterweaver

Sunny Flare sighed as she entered her home. "Hey Mom. Hey Dad."

She bit her lip, dropping her satchel on the tile.

"...So. Yeah. School's going okay. Still can't trump the geniuses, or... that crazy girl. But you know. I'm on top besides that." She tapped her forehead. "And with magic and all..."

She awkwardly shut the door. "Anyway... Auntie Crescent is coming over today. So. You know. Gotta... get the apartment clean." Sunny patted the pictures. "Good talk."

The girl scrubbed the pot in the sink, putting it out to dry, before wandering over to the couch and straightening a pillow. With a hum, she entered her bedroom, dusting off the massive conglomerate of wires and modems against one wall, before turning around and straightening her bed.

A faint beep caught her attention, and she glanced at her arms with a sigh. "Really? Now of all--alright." Her right hand wrapped around her oddly still left, and she twisted it off, placing her whole forearm into its charging socket. "I hope that charges up before Auntie Crescent arrives..."

After a brief glance in the bathroom--sparkling, as always--she returned to the wall of electronics, booting up the machine. "Alright. Let's see if I can get my thesis done before she gets here...."

And the sound of one hand typing filled the room.

Author's Note:

Yeah, those aren't Pipboys. And Vinyl's not the only one to benefit from this world's more advanced prosthetics.

Masterweaver elaborates further:

The vague backstory I have is "Dad got drunk, car crash killed her parents and took her hands, she was fabulously wealthy before but basically drained her wealth to pay for the best hands and school and now basically tries to be the best at everything because the rest of her wealthy family is basically hard-partying idiots and she has seen where that ends but she doesn't know what to do with best at everything because she's a teen who lost her parents."

...Yes. It's Vague. I say so.

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