• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Flash Animism, by Masterweaver

"Oh Divine Bacon Horse, Traveler Of Realms, Glorious Proclaimer, Shelled Mystic, She Of The Wonderous Mane, Wellspring Of Magic And Sanity! I, who shares your equine essence, do beseech and implore ye, that you may answer of me a question which burns to my core! I ask whe'er beings whose origins are not of the ape have themselves souls! I ask whe'er these souls should be treated any different! I beg of you, Divine Bacon Horse, hear my plea, and mote your answer at your leisure!"

Sunset Shimmer appeared before Lyra Heartstrings even as she whinnied and prostrated herself westward, rolling her eyes. "Is this about the PAULDRONS thing?"

"You are wise as ever, Wellspring of Magic and Sanity!"

"Alright. Hmm. Well... the truth is..." Sunset bit her lip. "...actually pretty complicated. Would it be alright for me to write up a lecture on the subject and make a video later?"

"Oh bearer of the wondrous mane, that ye take so much time and effort to answer even I tis a gift yet I cannot claim to its incredibility!"

"...I'm just going to take that as a yes." Sunset looked down at Lyra. "Um. So..."

She paused.

"...you're going to stay like that until I make a big exit, aren't you."

"You are the glorious proclaimer, and your proclamation is what all followers heed!"

Sunset shrugged, rising on her rear hooves and whinnying dramatically before vanishing from the room.

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