• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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The Cosmic Perspective, by FoME and Star Scraper

Twilight stared out at the moon and stars, not with wonder, but with fear. The cosmos unfolded before her in all its splendor, yet she sat folded in on herself, half-whispering, "It wouldn’t be so bad if space wanted to kill us. The truth is that there’s nothing there. Nothing to hate, nothing to care, nothing to breathe. We are the skin infection of a dust mote circling a spark in an emptiness so vast that we can’t even hope to comprehend the scales involved."

Sunset quirked an eyebrow and dismissed her spell. Light pollution streamed back in, obscuring many of the stars that could be seen from Twilight's bedroom window. "Twilight, I just asked if you wanted some hot chocolate."

Twilight still stared at the sky. "What is hot chocolate to the void?"

"I’m not serving hot chocolate to the void. I’m serving it to you."

"Universal consciousness claims that all are one, and in some metaphysical sense might just be due to the Mind-Body Problem and unphysicality of qualia. So we are all the void."

After a deep breath, Sunset smirked. "So if you’re part of the void, then the void likes hot chocolate?"

Twilight processed this for several seconds. Finally, she said, "Yes. The void likes hot chocolate and would like some, please. It also says thanks."

"Any time," Sunset said with a kiss to the top of the void's head.

Author's Note:

Based on the comments on the Derpibooru image linked here. I'm afraid they're too interwoven for my usual parenthetical attribution. See the source to see which ones are mine and which are Star Scraper's. (He's Cirrus Light on Derpibooru.)

And yes, this is a story based on comments on fan art of a spinoff of a reboot of a toy commercial. We are at Derivation Depth 5. Possibly 6.

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