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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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A Solid Foundation, by Bliss Authority

Life sign confirmed. Welcome, M-6.

Item #: AE-GIS-001

Object Class: Williams

Special Internment Procedures: AE-GIS-001 is to be monitored by a team of at least three agents, composed of at least one of each standard Aspect, at all times. All of these agents must have at least Class-3 Cognitohazard training, and are to maintain a strict Class-W Mnestic regimen while on duty. At least one of these agents must be an avowed atheist, and none can be of a religion that ascribes divinity to AE-GIS-001 or any of her known associates. Harmonists are not barred from these duties, but are required to wear plain clothing without Icons while actively monitoring the entity. These agents are to be rotated out of duty every two weeks.

All agents on monitoring duty are required to wear badges made of AE-GIS-148, secured to their clothing with non-anomalous fasteners, bearing the emblem of the Aegis Foundation underneath any other false emblem or icon. These must be worn at all times exclusive of showers no longer than 10 minutes each morning and evening: particular care must be taken to wear them while sleeping. Harmonists must wear them wherever they would normally display their icon: All other agents must wear it over the heart, approximately 2 cm to the left of their sternum.

It is not required at this time that AE-GIS-001 or its direct associates (see file AE-GIS-2771) be unaware of the presence of Aegis Foundation affiliation of the team in question; agents are to otherwise maintain all standard security protocols.

Monitoring agents are to transcribe and pass on any information given to you by AE-GIS-001 through standard channels, to enforce the Shimmerian Accords, and to monitor and document the activities of AE-GIS-001.

Description: AE-GIS-001 is a humanoid entity native to AE-GIS-2712, resembling an 18-year old girl named Sunset Shimmer, and a number of anomalous phenomena caused by her.

It appears to be of Imperial ethnicity, approximately ███ cm tall and massing ██ kg. Its skin tone is chromelanic gold in all forms, and its hair, when it is not manifesting its anomalous abilities, is wavy and an apparently natural chromelanic blonde and red.

Its standard Aspect is Cornic, manifested through a triskiric aquamarine, but it is capable of displaying abilities and anima banners typical of all three standard Aspects. During these displays of power, its Pegasic anima banner emits a mean of four and an observed maximum of seven wings of fire. Its Telluric anima banner consists of flowing patterns of red on its hair resembling sunspot activity, and a rise in body heat of approximately 0.3 degrees Celsius that does not harm the entity. All of these banners emit measurable but harmless heat, light, and ultraviolet radiation.

Its presence passively improves the ability of teams to work in groups and of individuals to channel abilities, mundane or anomalous, through their Iconic Lensing (see AE-GIS-002-EX.) This ability is above and beyond its considerable non-anomalous leadership abilities, and is theorized to be the Telluric portion of its Iconic Lens abilities. It also has KIRIN-5 spellcasting abilities through an Iconic Lens of dichotomancy.

The entity claimed responsibility for a Class VN Reality Restructuring Event, AE-GIS-001-VN (see appended document), commonly referred to as "the Saturation Point." It claimed to do so in order to prevent a class XN end of the world scenario. This was independently verified by the Department of Versebreakers, the Department of Counterconceptual Operations, and the M-5 council, as well as by approximately 43% of personnel undergoing Class-X Mnestic treatment during the week of the event, and 66% percent of those undergoing Class-Y Mnestics.

Of note is a large number of AE-GIS documentation that the Versebreakers and Counterconceptual departments flagged for being retroactively appended AE-GIS-XXX-EX immediately after the Saturation Point, particularly those explained by the KIRIN thaumaturgical classification system for C-Aspect spellcasting and objects affected by retroactively common enchantments. Of particular note is that all affected articles had accurate explanations under the KIRIN framework.

The entity claims to be an incarnation of Harmony, the theological concept at the heart of all Harmonist religious groups. It claims to have repeatedly refused to accept worship from Harmonists, and has provided assistance to the Aegis Foundation in apprehending Harmonious cults engaged in criminal or anomalous activity. Mainstream Harmonist religions do not consider the entity to be a divinity.

The entity agreed to voluntarily limit its abilities and temporarily Intern itself "because, honestly, we're really working for the same thing" in its own words. It has since then proposed and drafted a formal treaty between the Foundation, itself, and the inhabitants of its dimension of origin (AE-GIS-2712). The text of this treaty, the Shimmerian Accords (AE-GIS-001-A), was looked over by the Harmonics and Versebreaker departments and declared non-anomalous, before being passed to and unanimously signed by the M-5 Council.


Apart from being thrown on the pile of "fact or fiction" 001 entries, the entity was and remains classified as AE-GIS-661, and is currently documented there as a Eweclid-class entity after brief stints as Neighter, Safe, Explained, back to Neighter and back to Explained again as cover for her little pow-wow with M-1 and her upgrade to Williams.

I don't like it, not one bit. It's too pat. I know the meme machines cleared it all, but this was an entity that ADMITTED to causing a VN Scenario. I don't blame them for their gratitude, given that she claims the alternative was a Class XN Scenario and I do seem to remember that having been the case, but I can't be sure it was the case yesterday when a reality warper is involved.

Still, so far, it seems working with her — it — has done a lot for our operational security. Among other things, we have a much better way of dealing with poor old AE-GIS-231, as long as we have a C-aspect with a psychological lens to keep her asleep and dreaming. Permanent sleep beats the hell out of 110-Minotaur.

Still. The vast, vast majority of known entities from AE-GIS-2712 appear as a reflection of someone from our dimension. And we still haven't found the real Sunset Shimmer.

I'm still looking.

Agent Alto Clef, Versebreakers Division

As always, we Guard, Intern, and Study -

Author's Note:

That's the Foundation for Anomalous Entity Guardianship, Internment, and Study for those wondering. At least two characters you've met have worked for them.

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