• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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How Bacon Horse Saved Yuletide, by Ultra-the-HedgeToaster

“I... I'm sorry.” Sunset Shimmer massaged her temples for third time in the past five subjective minutes. “It's just... I've had a really bad day. Been having. Still am having.” Sunset sighed. “I guess I was just hoping to spend this special day with my friends and finally get some rest... and then just saw someone threatening the continued existence of reality again, and just... reacted. I, uhm... sorry.”
The de-facto deity rubbed her arms awkwardly, unconsciously balling her hands into fists.

“Look, I appreciate what you're doing. Really, I do. It's wonderful! But this...” She gestured at the snowflakes hanging frozen in mid-air all around them. “This is endangering the fabric of space-time, and I think you'll agree total event collapse would be the worst present ever.”

The old man seemed crestfallen, and Sunset just couldn't help but wince at the sight. There was just something... fundamentally wrong about this man being sad. That, and Pinkie would never forgive her if she didn't fix this.

For now, she wasn't even gonna bring up the whole worldwide mind-reading thing to find out what the children wanted. It brought up the truly bizarre image of him as a male changeling Queen – wearing antlers for some reason – and that was just too weird.

“Look, uhm, Holly, tell you what; you take a break, and I'm gonna look into this right now. I'm sure there's some way you can deliver the right presents to all the children in the world that doesn't involve straining physics to the breaking point.”


Five minutes later—which meant nothing much in terms of subjective time—Sunset returned, only to find Old Hollyhock laughing merrily, and an excited pink-skinned girl sitting in his lap babbling a million words a minute.

Even with her reflexes, Sunset had only just enough time to take in the scene before a truly hyper Pinkie Pie jumped straight into her face.

“OhmygoshSunsetHe'srealHe'srealHe'srealHe'realHe'sreal!Ohmygoshohmysoghhsssossbhjbldfnn” And then Pinkie Pie fainted.
Sunset blinked. A quick spell confirmed Pinkie Pie was in perfect health, merely in shock. Sunset carefully deposited the unconscious girl on a nearby sofa.

“Okay, that's... wow. Uhm. So, that happened.”


“So, Holly, I think you might get away with it this year, if you take it slowly. That means only slowing down time by a factor of fifty thousand, nothing more. And I should come with you to make sure the friction doesn't cause the air to superheat and ignite the atmosphere. I haven't figured out a long term solution yet, but I'm sure we can—”

Sunset was cut off by a pink missile launching itself at her.

“Sunset Shimmer,” the now fully alert and indeed very conscious Pinkie Pie spoke in a tone so uncharacteristically level and firm, it left no room for any argument at her next statement of fact:

“I am coming with you.”

Author's Note:

And now you know who was putting coal in Sunset's stocking.

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