• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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The Seven Bonds, by Masterweaver

The Seven Bonds
A traditional Breezie song, as translated by P-Fluttershy of Cloudsdale

Remember ye the seven ways the soul can twist and bind
Ne'er forget the truth of things where'r wence your path wind
Each has power, each has give, and learn them well you must
No matter the power of the ones to whom ye give the trust.

Earth tis hard to convince, and harder still to change
Foundation of all that one is, do not ye rearrange
Save for strength, for purest grant, for singer of the land
And even then, only grant to those with gentle hand.

Water flows through us all, no matter where we shall go
The greatest hearts can ride the waves and alter fate's very flow
Ware, though, lest ye forget the fickle core of life
And ever find yourself caught in another's strife.

Fire roars and twists and burns, ne'er stopping in its path
Till at last its feed is done and ends its nameless wrath
These pacts be brief, and quickly made, never do otherwise
Lest ye become the very thing your brother now despise.

Air binds us all to common realm, a joy in every breath
And those without air or its bind shall slowly suffer death
Yet soft is she, so gentle be, and only reach you out
When the need for healing is around with not a single doubt.

Song and laughter, screams and cries, the shadows of the night
Bring hope and fear, doom and joy, wonderment and fright
Wary are many of this power, and wary they should be
For the greatest secrets is what in truth they'll see.

Light and color may seem, to you, as calm as summer's day
And there is some truth to those who think this way
But ne'er forget that seeing one may blind you to another
So only take this path for dearest friend or brother.

And so at last we come to this, the highest of the self
And I say never bind! For goodness or for wealth!
Thought and magic and your core are one the same and true
If this one you give away, no longer shall you be you.

Around you see the many, the choices they have made,
The twists their bindings gave and the games that they have played
Go ye, child, to one realm or other, and choose your bindings well
To greatest glory triumph! Or to utter ruin be fell.

Author's Note:

You may be wondering what this could possibly have to do with the Oversaturated World. Keep reading and you'll find out.

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