• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Recessive Aubergine, by FoME

"So then cousin Braeburn looks to me and says—" Applejack stopped in the middle of the hallway, eyes wide. "Shoot."

"What's wrong?" said Sunset.

"Forgot somethin' important." Applejack plowed into the stream of students moving the other way. Most of them scattered. A few went flying.

Sunset followed in her wake, offering uncertain smiles to those she passed by. "Applejack?"

Applejack didn't answer, too busy struggling with her locker. "C'mon. C'mon..."

"You know, that works better if you—" Everyone in the hallway winced at the sound of tortured metal. Sunset sighed. "... unlock it first."

"Phew. Thank goodness. Can't believe I left this in here." Applejack turned around, her smile sweeter than her grandmother's apple pie, holding a small bottle to her chest.

Sunset surreptitiously restored the locker door to how it was meant to be. "What is that? Looks like hand sanitizer." She leaned in closer. "Well, if hand sanitizer were cloudy and gritty."

"Ain't it obvious? Lemon juice, sea salt, an' ground-up sesame seeds."

Sunset looked back and forth between Applejack and the concoction she held so proudly. "What."

Applejack rolled her eyes. "I jus' told ya. Lemon juice, sea salt, an' ground-up sesame seeds."

"Are you really passionate about homemade salad dressing or what?"

"Look, with all the mythological nasties comin' outta the woodwork like they are, I figured it was best I take a few precautions 'gainst the Baba Ganoush."

Sunset took a few moments to formulate her response. "The what?"

"Oh, right. I suppose they don't tell that story in Equestria. The Baba Ganoush is an evil witch what takes away bad little boys and girls who don't do their chores an' makes 'em work all night an' day for her, farmin'..." Applejack shuddered. "Eggplants."

Sunset looked around. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but oh good, we have a crowd. Does anyone else know what Applejack's talking about?"

A chorus of "No"s rang out through the hallway.

Applejack looked around the crowd, scowling and holding her Baba Ganoush ward close to her. "What're y'all talkin' about?"

Sunset put a hand on her shoulder. "Applejack, I have some important news for you."

"Great practice, guys!" said Rainbow Dash. "Go hit the showers; I'll be in in a few!"

A few moments into collecting the practice soccer balls from the pitch, Dash spotted something through the bleachers. "Huh?" She went over the stands to see a girl lying on her back, staring up at the clouds. "Applejack?"

"Heya, RD." Applejack's gaze didn't move.

"What are you doing?"

"Did you ever know my family was..." Applejack bit her lip. "Weird?"

Dash crossed her arms. "AJ, I don't think I've seen a single thing in your house that didn't have an apple on it somewhere. Yeah. You guys are kind of weird."

"Huh. Do you like eggplants?"

"I can take 'em or leave 'em. Why?"

"No reason."

Author's Note:

Because Baba Yaga. That is all. :derpytongue2:

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