• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Way Underground, by Jenna Cipher

If ever there were an eighth wonder of the world, it would most likely be the Canterlot Catacombs, although they weren't always as they are now. After the Saturation, massive formations of brilliant green crystals began to grow from the cavern walls, each giving off a soft emerald glow.

These weren't what she was after. She was more interested in what had been brought into being along with them.

In the center of the network of caves and tunnels sat a single, round room. Perfectly round, as if it had been carved out by a sapient being. However, the entire room was natural, a result of the object it guarded. An elaborately carved ebony throne levitated in the exact center of the spherical room, wreathed in flames of every color in existence, at least one super intelligent shade of indigo, and some other colors that were most assuredly imaginary. The reader may rest easy knowing that said colors absolutely do not exist and their presence is merely due to the fabric of reality not giving two shits about that fact in this particular location, nor does it plan on ever doing so, nor will it ever even conceive of those plans.

She wasn't interested in the throne either. Well, not exactly. She was interested in the crystal growing from it.

A crystal in a very familiar shape.

Her leathery wings flapped slowly, keeping her suspended directly behind the inexplicably floating chair, and slowly, she gripped the purple crystal and used her claws to pry it free.

By the time the fabric of reality realized it was gone and mustered up enough will to give a fuck about it, the entire story arc would be over already and thus there'd be nothing wrong for it to notice.

The demoness held up the star-shaped crystal and chuckled. With a thought and in a literal flash, she was back in Manehatten, in front of a most certainly human girl who was doing something to a mirror which most assuredly wasn't a mirror in the slightest.

The human looked up from her work, grinned, took the crystal from her, and went back to her work, pausing only for a moment to speak.

"I'll admit, you have your uses. Let's see if you can keep it up,"

She handed her servant a small globe and a map, each with a location marked.

"The next Shard is there. Do be a bit more cautious this time; the earthquake in Canterlot was quite careless enough, and this one is a bit more public."

The demoness nodded and was gone with a flash of sea green light.

"And then there were five..."

Author's Note:

At least one bit of the fabric of reality noticed. Earthquakes in my home town will do that.

Shush. I want to see where this is going.

I don't think this Canterlot even has any catacombs.


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