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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Scratching at the Wrapper, by FoME

People filled Canterlot Park amid perfect early summer weather. On one grassy swath, Bonbon practiced martial arts katas, while Lyra rested her head in her palms and watched Bonbon practice martial arts katas.

Lyra sighed. "Harmony, you're beautiful."

"What brought this on?" Bonbon smiled despite the question, not breaking her practice.

"Just thinking." Lyra turned over on to her back, still watching her. "Remember the first time we met?"

"How could I forget? It was so awkward to stand up there in front of everyone. I could barely remember my own name."

"You were beautiful then, too."

That almost made Bonbon miss a step. "I was not."

"You were!" Lyra said as she brought herself up to a sitting position.

"Lyra, I was a brace-face with glasses thicker than my pinkies." Bonbon smirked. "Besides, I remember your expression when you first saw me with contacts. I'm pretty sure that was the day you figured out you liked girls."

"I always knew I liked you." Lyra gave another sigh. "So, what agency does your dad work for?"

"Wh-what?" That did make Bonbon miss a step. She teetered on one foot, her other leg extended in a side kick. Once she stabilized, she said, "What are you talking about?"

Lyra crossed her arms. "Bonnie, I'm not stupid. I've been in the same classes as two Twilight Sparkles. Most fathers don't teach their daughters sleeper holds and kung fu."

"This isn't kung fu."

"That's not the point."

Bonbon sighed. "Lyra, this isn't some dumb spy movie. This is real life."

Lyra flared her headgem and gave Bonbon a flat look. "I've seen you recharge your phone by giving it a pep talk."

"Only by, like, five percent." Bonbon held Lyra's gaze for a few moments before wilting. She sat next to the other girl and gave her a side hug. "He's just really concerned about me being able to defend myself, that's all."

"Yeah," Lyra scoffed, "because we live in such a rough town."

Bonbon squeezed. "Lyra, I swear that my father doesn't currently work for any branch of the Federated States government."


"And to the best of my knowledge—"

"Bonnie." Lyra gave her a light shove. "I know weasel words when I hear them."

"I'm not a spy. Dad's not a spy." Bonbon kissed Lyra on the cheek. "Happy?"

Lyra returned the hug and the kiss. "Yeah."

At dinner that night, Bonbon bit her lip and said, "Dad?"

Bon Mot looked up from his spaghetti. "Yes, Sweetie?"

"Did... did Mom ever, you know... suspect?"

Her mother, Aspartame, snorted. "Believe me, Sweetie, if I had ever suspected what he was up to before it was too late, I would... Well, things would've gone differently."

Bonbon looked down. "Oh."

"Is this about your friend?" said her father.

She nodded.

He sighed. "Be as honest as you can, dear. That's all any of us can do."

Author's Note:

I know I have Getting the Band Back Together to work on, but How Lyra Met Bonbon is burning a hole in my proverbial idea wallet.

Also, here's the reason for Bonbon's childhood glasses.

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