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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Huginn Kisses, by Masterweaver and FoME

Author's Note:

Basically a direct follow-up to the previous snippet, but one distinct enough that I feel it merits its own chapter.

Also, guess what I've started watching.


A few days passed.

Sweetie and Apple Bloom shared a look.

"...Uh, Scoots?" Apple Bloom tried. "Ya got... a little somethin' on yer—"

"It's a raven." Scootaloo shot her a grumpy look. "Don't act like you don't know what it is."

"Um. Okay. Why do you—"

"It won't leave me alone!" Scootaloo exploded. "It's just following me everywhere and, and..."

She sighed.

Sweetie awkward reached out to pat the shoulder that was not occupied by a bird. "Well... at least it's friendly?"

"I guess..."

"Cute boy!" the bird cawed suddenly, poking Scootaloo.

"Agh what—"

"Cute boy!" It pointed its beak at a bench.

"What, Rumble? Rumble's not—"



Sweetie winced. "Yeah. Okay. That's... weird."


A man strode into Canterlot High as though he owned the place. His hair and beard, both close-cropped, were at that uncomfortable point between greyish red and reddish grey. His skin was the color of basalt and about as craggy. He wore an expensive suit the color of melted vanilla ice cream, a grey silk tie, and a silver tie pin depicting a tree in surprising detail. A raven perched on one shoulder like a parrot that had recently escaped from a coal chute.


The man did not acknowledge the voice as he moved past the principals' offices. The voice's owner pursued him.

"Sir, this school may have a rather lenient admission policy, but you are clearly not a teenager."

"That I am not, Luna Empyris," said the man, not breaking his stride as he continued onward. "Rest assured that I will not be long."

Luna considered magically restraining the man, but even considering it sent a shiver from her headgem down her spine. "Sir, I would greatly appreciate it if we could avoid any major magical incidents this week."

"I will try to be subtle, but that was always my brother's forte." The man chuffed out a harsh laugh. "Fat lot of good that did him in the end."

Luna took a deep breath and drew on decades of experience with Mr. Discord. "Can I at least know who's trespassing in my school?"

The man stopped at the doors of the cafeteria and glanced back at her. He offered a weathered smile. "Call me Mr. Wednesday."

With that, he threw open the doors and strode in, surveying the area. The teenage crowds all turning to him and looking at him helped, though the way they seemed to be waiting for him to do something interesting was a touch disconcerting.

Mr. Wednesday's eye gravitated towards one table in particular, but found only disappointment. "Not the valkyrie or the tree spirit or even Iðunn the Younger," he muttered.

His raven cawed an inch from his ear, then clamped down and tugged. He let it steer his head until he saw its partner. "Ah! Well spotted."

Eyes kept following him as he strode through the cafeteria. Even Iðunn the Elder—and for all he knew, that might well have been her—was watching him from behind the serving counter. He lapped up the attention eagerly. It wasn't worship, but it was still a pleasant warmth on old bones.

He stomped to a stop like a jolly, half-drunken uncle and pitched his voice to match. "What do you think you're doing, bothering these young Norns like this?"

The other raven flapped away from him, keeping the orange Verðandi between them. "NO!" it screeched.

Mr. Wednesday sighed and turned to his other raven. "How many times has this happened since Sunset Shimmer healed the world?"


"Just so." He looked down at the young fatespinners and chuckled. "My apologies, ladies. My thoughts have a tendency to get away from me."

The raven's new perch beamed at him. "So you're here to take this thing away?"


"SHUT UP!" girl and god bellowed as one. Mr. Wednesday extended an index finger expectantly. The raven feigned pecking at it a few times before hopping on as sulkily as it could.

"Thank the Tree you showed up, Mister," said the young present.

Mr. Wednesday couldn't help but chuckle at that, even if it made the stabbing pain in his chest throb a little in memory. "Indeed."

"Uh, Apple Bloom?" said the white Skuld. "You okay?"

The yellow Urðr just gaped at him, eyes likely filled with visions of better, darker days.

Mr. Wednesday grinned. "I have that effect on some women."

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