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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Doo Keep Watch, by ArtieStroke and Masterweaver


"So, that was pretty crazy, right?" Flash said, taking a seat next to a frazzled-looking Ditzy. She smiled lightly. The courtyard of CHS was gonna need some serious repairs after Cinch's little meltdown.

"I'll say. Still not as bad as that time with the corn starch goo in third grade."

Flash grimaced, his face coloring a little, "Ah man, you still remember that?"

"Pretty sure photos of our faces are still taped next to Mrs. Method's supply closet with 'Do not let these students near non-Applian fluids' written underneath."

They both chuckled at that, but Flash frowned. "Something's eating at ya, Dee."

"Is it that obvious?" Ditzy asked, before sighing, "That one Shadowbolt, Indigo? Dash thought she might have flung herself outside dimensions but..."

"Even with your own weird transdimensional travel stuff, you can't find her?"

Ditzy nodded. Flash put a hand on her shoulder, a small but reassuring smile on his face. "You're top-notch people, Dee. Don't get yourself too worked up about it. Things seem pretty dark before they get light again, you know?"

Ditzy smiled for a moment, before sticking her tongue out and playfully shoving him. "You've always been such a sap, Sentry!"

"Probably got something to do with the cornstarch incident," Flash returned in kind, before standing up, "And hey, if there's anything I could ever do to help..."

"I think the talk was just about what I needed," Ditzy said, smiling. "Now get along, ya big goofball."

Flash grinned, giving a mock salute before going back to... well, whatever sensitive musician types do.

"Wow," Blue Oyster said, taking up Flash's old spot.

"Yeah. Feels like that's the first I've heard Flash say anything in like... months," Raspberry Fluff agreed, seating herself on Ditzy's opposite side.

Our heroine of many planes of existence shrugged. "Guy's had a tough couple of months. His ex is basically god now, you know?"

"Still not god!" Sunset shouted, out of habit.

"Of course you'd know what his deal is," said Blue. "Haven't you two been friends since basically kindergarten?"

"Something like that."

Razz gasped, thoughts aligning, "Wait, you don't think he...?"

Ditzy and Blue looked at Razz for a few moments in confusion, before the same thoughts dawned on them.

"Oh, jeeze I hope not!"

"With her childhood friend? That would be SO cliche!"

All three turned towards the small form of Dinky, chatting with the Crusaders in the aftermath of the games. Ditzy squinted. The purple of her skin didn't look... TOO blue, did it?


Then Ditzy blinked. "Wait—no, hold on this doesn't make sense. Chronologistically speaking—"

Everyone around her groaned. "Skrith damn it," Blue said, metamorphosing into a horrific monster, "can't you GALAX-E girls ever be taken in by a mental hallucination?"

"Gotta train for everything," Ditzy replied, flashing into her skirt ensemble. "Traditionally, I'd demand your surrender, but you guys have never taken it."


"Okay, I'm starting to get Moony's frustration now. Seriously, timelines!! Always timelines!!!!"

Wiz gave Minuette a look for just a moment, turning in confusion to his brother mid-bite into his PB & J. Featherweight shrugged. "Honestly I think it just makes it more obvious how much of a comic-book world we live in now."

Minuette rolled her eyes, "Yeah, well at least you don't get time-sick every time someone sticks an event where it shouldn't be."


Minuette shuddered, "You don't wanna know. Though unfortunately I think you MIGHT some time next Tuesday. Sorry in advance." She frowned a little. "For some reason it's always Tuesdays that are the worst of it. Hmm."

"Maybe there's some kind of temporal connection to tacos in abundance? Like some kind of Neighican-food-anchor?" Wiz suggested.

Minuette looked at him for a long moment, before tapping a finger to her chin thoughtfully. "Honestly? Better hypothesis than anything I've thought up so far."

Author's Note:

"Non-Applian" of course refers to Falling Apple, the brilliant Bittish scientist who may or may not have permanently borrowed certain concepts from Germane contemporary Infinitesimalrechnung.

And yeah, the Friendship Games took place months before Dinky arrived in the past. Fortunately, these two were able to reconcile the issue in an amusing fashion. As for whether Flash really is the Endymion to Ditzy's Serenity? No comment.

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