• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Special Consideration, by Masterweaver

"Hey, uh, Principal Celestia?"

The woman looked up from her desk. "Oh. Miss Heartstrings! Can I do something for you?"

"Yeah. Um... you know, me and Bonnie have been wanting to try out for the Friendship Games for a while now." The green girl bit her lip. "Since... you know, before the Saturation. And, I mean, we were kind of thrown off for a bit with, you know..."

She tapped her gorget pointedly.

Celestia nodded. "Your... I'm sorry, do you mind if I refer to it as your condition, or would you prefer ethnicity?"

"Ethnicity is more accurate, and I would be doing PAULDRONS a disservice if I acted as it were a problem to be solved. That said..." Lyra paused. "...Look, I can get why you said 'no magic.' Nobody knows how to avoid cheating with magic, yet. Problem is, this is magic. If I take this off, I'm a unicorn, which I have no problem with whatsoever, but that would put me at a disadvantage. If I leave it on, it could be argued to be a performance-boosting token. So... do you want a pony or a human, is what I'm asking?"

Celestia tapped her chin thoughtfully. "You know... you're a first in many ways, Miss Heartstrings. The Friendship Games are unfortunately not designed to accommodate nonhumans at the moment, though I will be consulting with any schools that extend membership for more... species-specific competitions. I know there are dolphins currently operating in the capital with specialized land-walker equipment."

"Yeah. They ran it through as a 'disability compensation' sort of thing."

"Would that also work in regards to your, ahem, form maintenance device? Marking it as disability compensation?"

Lyra blinked. "...It... might, actually. I'll look through the paperwork. But would you actually let somebody with a recorded disability compete?"

"Cinch does," Celestia said casually. "Although, of course, I forbid you from investigating that. Personal privacy, you understand."

"Oh, of course." Lyra grinned. "Well... count me on the team, then!"

"I'll look forward to it, Miss Heartstrings."

Author's Note:

Had to perform a few slight edits on this one due to some crossed wires regarding elapsed time. Suffice to say, the Games are taking place at the end of the school year that saw the Saturation, about six weeks after that fateful Spring Break. PAULDRONS, which will became the primary nonhuman sapient lobby, is in its infancy, still getting in contact with and organizing the other disparate agencies and entities it will soon encompass. Of course, with Twilight Sparkle involved, any organizational efforts go by in a blink. By the time September rolls around...

Well, see Silicon Tiara if you haven't already.

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