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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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At the Gates of Production Hell, by FoME

There was no scream. Her despair was too great to be voiced by something as meager as her lungs. It would take the entire school choir to properly express the ice that gripped her heart, the cold pit in her stomach.

She faintly registered a noise to her left. Then hands grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her chair, and brought her face to face with a frowning Sunset Shimmer. "Rainbow Dash! Can you hear me?"

Dash swallowed and slowly nodded. "Y-yeah."

"What happened? I going to check on Camp Everfree, but then the bottom fell out of my stomach and I knew something terrible had—"

Sunset cut herself off as she tried to process what was happening. Rainbow Dash was not the huggiest of her friends. Indeed, Dash might well have been the least huggy. Not the least physical, but her demonstrations were more often nudges, punches, and the occasional noogie.

She did not, in Sunset's experience, cling to a friend like a shipwreck survivor to a piece of driftwood. And yet that was precisely what was happening right now. Sunset did her best to ignore the moisture she felt on the collar of her blouse. "Rainbow?"

"What's wrong?" Both girls turned to see Fluttershy hovering in front of Dash's bedroom window, managing to speak loud enough to be heard through the glass. "I... I felt something."

Dash's phone began emitting wicked guitar licks as it alerted everyone to multiple incoming calls.

Sunset connected everyone and switched it to speaker. Her other friends' anxious voices cried out. "Fluttershy and I are here with her," she said. "She just seems shaken by... something." Sunset turned to the girl of the hour. "Well, you have our attention, Rainbow. What's up?"

"It's... I can't even say it." Dash screwed her eyes shut and pointed at her computer monitor.

Sunset peered at the article onscreen. "Continual setbacks imperil film. Magnifico resolves scheduling conflict, but expresses concerns. Yearling unavailable for comment." She looked back, resisting the urge to facepalm. "This is all because the Daring Do movie almost got cancelled?"

"Almost is too close for comfort!" Dash cried. She went to her knees, hands clasped before her. "Please, Sunset, you gotta fix this!"

"Rainbow Dash, you know I love you like a sister," Rarity said from the phone, "but could you be more overdramatic?"

There was a moment of silence. "Right." Sunset cleared her throat and pulled Dash back to her feet. "Dash, I know you really like this book series, but I don't 'gotta' do anything about this. We can't just go poking our noses into other people's business just because we're not happy about it."

"Wait," said Twilight, "the Daring Do movie? As in the one that's been experiencing inexplicable sabotage for months? The one that has Canter Zoom directing?"

"Are there any others?" Some of the light returned to Dash's eyes. "Oh my gosh, imagine if there were others!."

"Sunny? We're going."

Sunset wrinkled her nose. "But—"

"They're probably desperate enough to welcome some debatably divine intervention. Besides, if this is how Rainbow Dash reacts to it almost getting cancelled, I don't think any of us want to know what it'll feel like if it actually does." Several other affirmations met Twilight's point.

Sunset raised an eyebrow. She said nothing, but thought very pointedly. I've seen your bookshelves at home, Sparkle.

The answer came quickly. Everything I said is true independent of any personal interest I may have in the project.

You'd better not squee.

Don't ask me to make promises you know I can't keep, dear.

Sunset sighed. "Okay, fine. I guess we're going to Applewood."

Author's Note:

The Superconsciousness of Harmony is a rudimentary thing. Only the most intense feelings can carry across it.

For now.

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