• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Meeting of the Malignant, by Masterweaver

Author's Note:

If you're reading this as part of the fresh batch, you may want to refresh yourself on the previous short.

"...I know you can hear them."

He smiled dryly. "Ah, and so can you."

"They are plotting against you."

"And you are not... fey?"

Blue fingers, for an instant, gripped their glass tighter.

"Interesting to note," he mused, "they were watched—until recently—by the balance of the remaker."

"The chaos lord of this realm?"

"That is he."

The blue woman took a slow sip of her drink. "And now you hide them. Save from me."

"You can hide."

"I can. And yet, I can also reveal while remaining hidden."

"Let us barter, then." The figure flashed his toothy grin. "I need... seven. They are three. You could be one."

"You offer nothing I do not have."

"Do I not?" With a flick of his wrist, he produced a gem.

She took a sharp breath. "You know what that is; they may well be linked!"

"But even if they are, a link must be used. She thinks they are safe, and, to be fair..." The gem snapped away. "I have yet to gather them."

"...You are not among the ones you number."


"I do not believe my goals coincide with theirs."

"For the moment, they do not. But to seduce them to your sway... is that not what you live for?"

She glanced at the table. "You play a dangerous game, mysterious one. What lies behind your mask?"

"An excellent question." He tilted his head. "Ah. The time is coming swift for us to move. Will you join us?"

"...I will meet you at the shadowed lake of the west, when the first snow there falls. My decision will be held before then."

"Of course. Fare you well, whether we unite or not." He stood, placing coinage on the bar, and strode over to the trio.

She considered them carefully for a few moments. Then, when nobody was looking, she vanished from sight.

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