• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Well Met, Fellow Traveler, by Jenna Cipher and Masterweaver

(Jenna Cipher)


Derpy stared ahead at Pinkie's retreating form in confusion, her hand briefly drifting to her nose where the party girl had poked her. "Wha?"


"She's trying too hard. She is already a reflection, but she knows there is another reflection that isn't, so she must become. And yet she does not understand the other... not in entirety."

Ditzy gave Winter Lights a flat look.

"I speak only truth!"

"Yes, but you're so cryptic and tend to use the truth to deceive, so people don't put stock in what you say. Especially not after what you did."

Winter glowered at her. "Your loyalty is untenable. You are as I was. You know what I know, if only some. The urge to leave is constant."

"I have too much here to try."

"For now...." Winter Lights allowed.

Ditzy frowned at her. "...you're planning something."

"I am always planning something--"

"You're planning something significant."

Winter hissed. "Your constant suspicion.... aggravates me."

"You have done nothing to earn my trust."

"...you were not even affected by my actions. You have no quarrel with me."

"Nor do I quarrel with a tiger. That does not mean I don't watch when one walks down a road."

"Hmm." Winter glanced away. "This is not relevant. I explained the actions of the pink one. I did not need to."

"No. And I do not need to award you for common decency." Ditzy clicked her hands together. "You have much to learn."

Author's Note:

I can only assume this will make sense in time.

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