• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Cry to the Heavens, by Masterweaver, Jenna Cipher, and FoME


"Ow!" Sunset frowned, leaning down. "An orange? Who would throw an orange at me?"


She turned to see a man she'd never met dancing on a rooftop next to a crate of oranges.

After a moment, she shrugged, tossed the orange to her other hand, and continued walking.

(Jenna Cipher)

"And the guy just threw an orange at you?"


"Well... Who was he?"

Sunset paused for a moment, a small frown appearing on her face, before she turned back to her friend and responded.

"I have no idea Applejack... I have no idea."


Sunset thought nothing of it until the next day.




Oranges fell like rain.

"Of course," Sunset grumbled from beneath her energy shield. "Of course they'd turn it into a way to worship me."

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