• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Change in Position, by FoME

"Hey, Sunset?"

Sunset looked up from her lunch to see an unusually thoughtful Rainbow Dash. "Yeah?"

"Aside from the Crusaders and Vice Principal Luna, do you have anyone else doing the whole 'keep the world stable' thing?"

"A few." After a moment, Sunset gave a laugh. "Huh. Funny thing is, most of them either go to CHS or work here."

This got the attention of their other friends. "Example?" said Applejack.


The old man scowled and adjusted the bulging bag on his shoulders. Countless accessories and articles of clothing poked out, many of them recognizable as coming from some intellectual property or another. The man himself was almost aggressively nondescript, with a face that normally imprinted itself in the mind without bothering with the eyes, a physical meme that imposed a sense of trust upon the viewer. To see him was to question nothing and accept anything, especially free samples.


"This is insane!" he cried. "The convention starts in an hour!"

The woman standing between him and his next destination glowered at him. "Yes," she said, disdain dripping from every syllable, "and I have yet to see you produce any proof that your alleged vendor's booth is waiting for you there."

"That's part of the magic!"

"I'm sure."

"I cannot believe this. I have been to countless worlds, and none of them has ever put me through... through customs!"

Ms. Harshwhinny sneered. "That, Mister the Merchant, is because those other worlds do not exhibit the standard of professionalism that we enjoy in this one. Now, are you to tell me why you're actually coming to this universe, or am I going to have to get my supervisor?" She jerked a thumb at the orange-glowing hypersphere behind her.

In the silence, a grey-skinned girl breezed by, waving. "Hi, Ms. Harshwhinny!"

Harshwhinny permitted herself a nod. "Hello, Ditzy."

"Why aren't you stopping her?"

"She is a native of this universe with special dispensation to come and go. You? Are not."

The Merchant turned away and spat, "Wasn't worth the trouble anyway."

Harshwhinny watched him go. "Good riddance."

Author's Note:

And now I can say I've written a Displaced story. :raritywink:

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