• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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A Proper Skulding, by FoME

Cliques were still very much a part of Canterlot High's social fabric. Some of that was inertia, but some genuine friendships had formed even during Sunset's reign of terror. Thus did three sophomore fashionistas sit at the lunch table they'd shared through a year of magical mayhem, and one nearly choked as a girl walked by.

That ivory skin. Those elegant curls. That... admittedly prosaic ensemble, but on her it looked good.

"Who is that?" said a stunned Starstreak.

Inky Rose looked behind her. Lily Lace just looked at Starstreak, gobsmacked. "Oh-em-tree. I thought you were lit'rally the gayest thing since—"

He groaned and held up a hand. "Do yourself a favor and don't finish that sentence. Besides, my preferences are not important right now. What is is that girl. I need her as a model."

"Don't," said Inky. Her drooping gaze spoke of ill portents, of inevitable death and darkness on the horizon.

She always looked like that, so Starstreak just rolled his eyes. "And why shouldn't I? The future belongs to those who dare to seize it."

"Oh. Does she, now?" said a voice from behind him. Lily and Inky both stared at the source, mouths open in silent gasps.

Starstreak turned. "I don't know about anthropomorphizing it, but— Ah. Miss Rarity." Anyone who operated and partially owned a boutique before she was even out of her junior year merited the Miss. "To what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Starstreak, wasn't it?" Rarity said coolly. "I admit, I haven't been spending as much time among the other fashionistas of late, but I do recall you having a pleasantly novel style."

"Thank you, miss."

Rarity looked off into the distance. "It would be such a shame if something were to happen to you."

Starstreak blinked. "I... beg your pardon?"

"Yes. You do." Rarity didn't scowl. She just stared dispassionately at Starstreak like she was debating whether to crush a bug or let it go about its business. "And I have yet to decide whether I will grant it."

"That was Sweetie Belle," said Inky.

Rarity nodded. "Indeed. My darling baby sister. Now, I won't be so overprotective as to forbid her any male attention whatsoever, but I will be watching any attentive boys very closely. I trust we have an understanding." Her headgem began to glow with light that flickered like amethyst flames.

Starstreak swallowed, doing little for the lump in his throat. "Y-yes, Miss Rarity."

It was like flipping a switch. In a single moment, the fashion queen of the school was gone and a smiling girl only a few months their elder took her place. "Good! Have a lovely day, all. Ta." All three watched her walk to join her friends at their lunch table.

"Sweetie's gonna be single until she's lit'rally fifty years old."

"Shut up, Lily," the others said in sync.

Author's Note:

When you're obsessed with the future, you're going to notice when it walks by you in the cafeteria.

Rarity does not yet know about Sweetie's infatuation with the man Button Mash will one day become. This is a very good thing for Button and Sweetie both; it's a terrible thing to have a crush on a paradox.

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