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Off the Rack, by Masterweaver

Friendship Games Tryout Records: Student 73
Name: Suri Polomare
Physical Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Magical Aspect: Earth
Tryout Applications: Home Economics
Observer: Dean Mi Amore Cadenza Cadence

Suri created dress forms from allowed fabrics within allowed times. Note: while all dresses were high-quality and excellently tailored, they almost entirely resembled famous outfits from literature or recent television. When asked to improvise, Suri hesitated briefly before creating a dress that was essentially a top from one series and a skirt from another.

In regards to baking, Suri once again demonstrated a mastery of the art form with no room for creativity. Improvisation again led to creation of a lime cream pie with pecan sprinkles. Not terrible, but not individual. Another note: She seemed to watch the oven obsessively during baking, unable to do anything until it was finished.

Other chores followed the same pattern; excellent technical skills with no room for improvisation or creativity. I've taken the liberty of looking into her school files. Prior to attending Crystal Prep, Suri was often accused of copying off others, although she has rarely been caught doing so.

In conclusion, Suri can obey orders to a T, but aside from her drive to succeed she has no motivation of her own. I don't recommend her, but since I know you're looking for skill over talent, I suggest you partner her with somebody who actually has ideas.

Barring greater skill, Suri Polomare is in consideration.
Note to self: Admonish Dean Cadenza for improper protocol on official documents.

Author's Note:

In this case, the "73" represents not the order in which Suri tried out but her rank in the school.

Also, Principal Cinch is all too familiar with issues of sexual identity. According to Weaver, her ex-husband identifies as funky lemon, though he allows masculine pronouns as a show of courtesy.

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