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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Become Immense, by SaintAbsol

Sweet Apple Acres was a quiet place most of the time. Well away from the hustle and bustle of the city, even with the advent of magic, and full of large open fields peppered with various crops (mostly apples, of course), it made for a nice place to just sit and think. Which was what Applejack found herself doing, subconsciously fingering a new bracelet around her wrist, a single apple-shaped charm attached to it.

"Weren't you just complaining about how you wanted your own adventures not more than two weeks ago?"

Applejack jumped in her seat, having been too distracted by rubbing at the charm to notice Sunset walking up to her. "I mean... yeah, I was... but... this ain't what I was expectin'."

"Can't say I was either; but, I tend to leave matters of fate to the Crusaders."

"I've been meanin' to talk to Apple Bloom about this whole thing too... make sure it don't get outta hand."

Sunset snorted, actually sounding so much like a horse that Applejack couldn't help but give her a look. "I'm sorry," she said, "but it does seem like it's a bit late for that, don't you think?"

As Applejack opened her mouth to respond, her cellphone started beeping in a very specific and intricate pattern. The farm girl sighed as she pulled it out of her skirt pocket and answered. "Yeah? Yeah, Ah'm free... What?! All the way there!? ... Ugh, fine, but you owe me fer this one." She hung up and turned to Sunset. "Sorry, 'duty calls', or whatever is they say in the comics."

"Just stay safe... and try putting some of those lessons from Rarity and me to good use."

"I will." AJ stood and stretched a bit, before touching the apple charm and taking off in a run. As she dashed away, green mana seeped into her her every step, and her strides steadily lengthened as her height steadily increased. By the time she'd reached the nearest tree, she was already a head taller than it, and she just kept growing. Her steps shook the ground before she was halfway out of the farm, and by the time she was sprinting off toward the city, she was a towering titan of a girl whose boots left cracks and craters in their wake.

Sunset simply shook her head, and vanished off to her 'house' to catch the show; AJ's fights with the various "kaiju," as they'd been dubbed by countless internet forums, always made the news.

(Note: Canonicity plummets from this point on.)

The muted television glowed in the dimly lit room, displaying the image of a multistory girl in stereotypical "farmer" attire keeping a hogtied, vaguely reptilian creature pinned down as various government vehicles swarmed around the pair. Two pairs of eyes watched the footage, one that seemed to almost glow with a blue light, the other with noticeably slit pupils. "Quite the rare sight," one of them said, "seeing someone with the skill to call up pentachromatic mana outside of our little... collection."

"Technically, it's monochromatic," the other grumbled. "She's only using green, not any other color."

"That's more color than most," the first countered. "Either way, the fact she can is intriguing. It might be prudent to send her an... invitation to our establishment."

"Need I remind you this girl already attends Canterlot High?"

The first snorted, a bit of smoke shooting from his nostrils. "I fail to see the relevance."

"She is also a close friend of the deity also attending that school."

"An interesting, but still irrelevant, bit of information, Vice Principal Beleren."

Jace Beleren found himself, not for remotely the first time, suppressing the urge to groan, facepalm, bash his head against a wall, or any combination of the three. Keeping Ravnica High in some semblance of organized chaos while also dealing with the eccentricities of Principal Niv-Mizzet was an exercise in frustration that probably would have broken a lesser man. As it was, however, even he could feel a stress-induced headache coming on over the principal's latest topic of interest.

"Very well; however, I require two concessions on your part."

Niv-Mizzet turned his gaze ever so slightly, peering at Jace out of the corner of his eye. "Those being?"

"I want my own disapproval of this endeavor noted, even if it does succeed."

"As you wish," Niv-Mizzet responded. "And the second?"

"You let me broach the matter with Luna this weekend before I send the invitation."

That caused a scowl to form on the principal's vaguely draconic face, but Jace didn't flinch, merely raising an eyebrow.

After a moment of silence, Niv-Mizzet turned back to the television, now displaying the girl helping load the creature into a container for transport. "Fine. But not a single day more, Vice Principal Beleren."

"Thank you, sir." Jace said, turning and finally exiting the dimly lit office. He blinked several times as the more natural light hit his face, then sighed to himself. He was going to need a shot of... something in his next cup of coffee. At the moment, he didn't particularly care what.

"This is not going to end well, no matter what Luna says."

Author's Note:

As I noted in the fiction thread, I am strongly tempted to make Niv-Mizzet a malevolent Professor X figure, but I know I have anything but an objective perspective when it comes to opportunities to cross pastel horses and collectible cardboard.

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