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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Retroactive Discontinuity, by FoME and Masterweaver


The seven friends were gathered in Sugarcube Corner, enjoying one last milkshake before the start of the school year. Pinkie Pie was regaling the others with a story. "So I says to Maple, I says—"

Sunset bolted upright, lunged forward, and grabbed Dash by the shoulders. Dash blinked. "Uh..."

"This is important, Rainbow."

Twilight considered the two, mere inches from one another. "Should I object to—" She cut herself off as Sunset's eyes began to glow golden. "Never mind."

"What," said Sunset Shimmer, "is your mother's name?"

"Um, duh? It's..." Dash trailed off.

"You feel it, don't you?"

Dash just nodded.

"Two answers. Both true, but they can't be at the same time."

"I... I can remember both of them." Dash's eyes darted about the room, focused on nothing. "They're both Mom, but they can't both be Mom. But..."

"You have to choose, Rainbow."


"Your fate hinges on it."

Dash shut her eyes. Ruby light leaked out from between the lids. The woman who encouraged her most daring stunts warred with the one who committed more and more of the apartment to a record of Dash's life. Equally and impossibly true memories built into a splitting headache. Love threatened to tear her heart in half.


There was a deep clunk, more felt than heard, as if a loose piece of the cosmic machinery had slipped back into place. Dash fell bonelessly back onto the couch, panting for breath.

Sunset looked around the shop. Far more awe than she was comfortable looked back. She cleared her throat.


Sunset rolled her eyes and leaned close to Twilight, whispering, "I wasn't going to wipe anyone's mind."

"Just making sure." Twilight gave her peck on the cheek.

After a moment, once Sunset had settled down and Dash had caught her breath, Pinkie said, "So I says to Maple, I says—"


Forged... and unforged. Woven and rewoven. The fractures shifted, moved... A cracked universe, slowly, beginning to heal itself.

Back, back, back. Here, here, two seconds of awe, the line moves. There, there, the ticket man sells one ticket, then another. In the time that was, they were next to each other. In the time that is, they are a row apart.

And the roar of the crowd does the rest.

Windy Whistles loves sports. She attends, and misses the sight of the attractive man sitting only a short distance away. And then...

She could fade.

She could.

But... the overseer has heart. The overseer rarely looks this far back; the cracks originated at a specific point, and do not tend to reverse to time before. She cannot act in this time, not directly, but she knows the importance of family, of all kinds.

Windy Whistles leaves the stadium, proud of her team. She bumps into a man, Rainbow Blaze, and while he is not instantly smitten—people don't work like that—the spark is there. And his brother, who might have claimed Windy in another time, sees this and decides to help them along.

The rest weaves itself, a suture for the tear in time.

Apple Bloom collapsed, the light fading from her skin as she landed in her seat again. Scootaloo gave a sigh of relief, looking around at the gathered crowd. "You see? She's totally fine. It's just... some magic thing."

"Is it contagious?"

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes. "It's a unique quirk. You've seen the news, right? Some people got special magic and joined the Power Patriots." She gave Apple Bloom a gesture. "Her magic isn't superheroic, though, just... weird sometimes."

"She looked like... like some sort of angel!"

Scootaloo snorted. "Trust me, if you know the shit she got up to, you wouldn't be saying that. Not saying she's a horrible person, but she kinda has a few smudges on her record."

"We all do," Sweetie added. "Nothing illegal, just... bad."

"The point is, she's fine, you're all fine, move along." Scootaloo waved the crowd off. "Shoo! Shoo!"

Sweetie Belle nodded as they began to disperse, but a light groan caught her ear. She turned to Apple Bloom, gripping her shoulders tightly. "So, how are you?"

"...near exhausted. Didn't 'spec nothin' like that fer a few years."

"Like what, exactly? What the heck happened?"

Apple Bloom rolled her head up. The bags under her eyes were thick, but her smile was almost serene. "Kept the world from losin' what it had. Kept somebody from bein' nobody. Kept a family near together.... Sweetie Belle... Ah just rewove fate."

Author's Note:

And you thought you had problems when your stories had to deal with new canon.

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