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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Heavenly Bodies, by Masterweaver

Twilight fidgeted. "Okay. Um. I know this looks bad, but I didn't—I mean, they just gave it to me, and, and, um... you know, it's practical, and, uh, well."

Sunset's face, through sheer force of will, was utterly expressionless.

"I, uh... it's also.... it's a way to.... I mean, sometimes, we're both busy with our own things and..."

She gulped. "Don't tell Shining?"

Sunset Shimmer remained stoic. "Do you know," she said slowly, "what it is I want to know?"

Twilight cringed.

"I want to know. How the fuck. They figured out what my PJs look like."

"Reverse-tracing purchases from the mall," Twilight rattled out quickly. "The artist is really devoted."

"I see."

The room was silent for a moment or two.

"You know, I've actually worn all of these."

"Really?" Twilight squeaked.

"I mean I didn't think they'd figure out how to make a pin-up calendar out of this, I've seen saucier images online, but... wow, they take ordinary clothes and make me look like some sort of sex goddess."

"So... you're okay with this?"

Sunset looked up.

"... Honestly? At this point I'm more resigned. You finding me a sexpot is... I guess okay, since we're dating, and that's not all you think of me as—"

"Oh, no no no. Your brains are far more beautiful then your body and that's saying something. Coming from a genius. Not that your body isn't beautiful. Case in point. I'm going to shut up now."

"This stays between us, though."

"Oh yeah duh. We're good?"

"For now." Sunset smirked. "Although... if you want me to add to the calendar..."

Twilight blushed. "I... think they were looking into making a swimsuit edition..."

Author's Note:

From the comments:



there's a reason this world's Sunset can assume her demon form at will, and it isn't to pose for fantasy pinup calendars.

Not even if Twilight asks?


WELP you just inspired a snip.

I can't say for certain whether or not October features Sunset Satan, but she has assumed that form in several vlogs.

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