• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Weighty Matters, by SaintAbsol

"So, you've got a fangirl."

Applejack blinked as she looked away from the retreating figure of Zipporwhill, glancing over to Sunset as the other girl typed away on her phone. "Startin' to think yer followin' me, Sunset."

The girl-turned-goddess shrugged as she continued to type away. "I try to keep a close eye on all my friends; you've just been getting a bit more attention as of late because of that... trick, of yours."

Applejack fingered her charm without even thinking about it, mind wandering. "That's one way o' sayin' it... yeah." She was silent for a moment, before shaking her head. "And, yeah, met Zipporwhill at that weddin' a little ways back. Nice kid; bit excitable, needs to learn a bit o' self-preservation, but nice. Likes to be 'round whenever I get big, thinks it's cool or somethin'."

Sunset just shrugged, finally looking up from her phone, then frowned at something behind her friend. "AJ, incoming."

"Huh?" Applejack turned, just in time to see a man in a three-piece suit, horn-rimmed glasses, and carrying a briefcase strolling toward them with a purpose.

"Ms. Applejack?" he questioned.

Applejack hesitated a moment, but slowly nodded. "... Eeyep?"

The man reached into the inner pocket of his suit, and pulled out a piece of paper, handing it over to Applejack. "Have a nice day." And, with that, the man turned and walked away, leaving a very confused Applejack behind him.

"... What was that about?" Applejack looked down at the folded bit of parchment, slowly opening it up. "It's a letter... from the state department?" AJ's eyes flashed across it, slowly widening as she she read more and more. "I'm bein' sued!"

Sunset looked over Applejack's shoulder, peering at the letter. "For what?"

"Destruction o' property," she responded, still gaping at the letter. "When I was fightin' one o' those monsters the other day, I accidentally sat on a warehouse. Now the owner's tryin' to sue me fer... there is no way in Tartarus that thing was worth THAT much!"

Sunset winced in sympathy as AJ started to rant and rave about the legal system, the building's owner, and various other aspects of the situation. Pulling out her phone, Sunset called up her bank account, as well as sending a text to Ruby to set up a meeting with Ounce Pin... she was going to need a very crazy lawyer to take up AJ's defense.

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