• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Don't Sit Under My Family Tree, by Masterweaver


"What is it Rainbow?!"

"We're related!"

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, we share a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother!"



"You did an Internet search on 'most distant relationship a person can have,' didn't you?"

"I... yeah. Okay, yeah, this was a stupid prank."

"Look, Dash, rule of thumb: if you're not genetically fourth cousins or closer, you're not genetically related. So that's... great-great-great-grandmother or closer in ancestry. Beyond that things get muddy fast."

"I just... your family tree is kind of like an ongoing melodrama."

"I know. Believe it or not, I was dating a guy for a while and it ended up turning out we were half-siblings."

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, apparently my dad divorced his mom before having the fling that made me. Good thing we never made it past second base, right?"

Author's Note:

"Aren't you not-dating Sunny Flare?"

"Eh. This lemon zests both ways."


"Yeah, if you don't get that joke, we're definitely not related."

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