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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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New World Blues, by FoME and Masterweaver


Sunny Flare prided herself on her academic ability and sheer focus. Of course, one couldn't get into Crystal Prep without some degree of intelligence, but Sunny had honed her mind to razor sharpness, effortlessly balancing her theatrical passion with the fourth best scholastic record in the school. Once she put her mind to something, nothing could distract her.


Nothing. Could. Distract. Her.

"Hey, Sunny."

Not even Lemon Zest.

"Sun Bun."

She was reading her book and paying no attention whatsoever to the girl who, by some freak accident, had the third best academic record in the school.

"Flare Bear."

The poking would do nothing. Not that she noticed it.

"Additional nickname."

Especially now that Zest had run out of pestering fodder.

"Second additional nickname."

"WHAT!?" Sunny felt her face all but burst into flames as everyone else in the school's library stared at her. She considered trying to see if she could teleport, then settled for clearing her throat and more quietly saying, "What is it, Lemon Zest?"

"Always meant to ask you somethin'." Lemon pointed at the other girl's wrists. "What's with the Littlepips?"

Sunny looked back and forth between Lemon and her own arms. "The what?"

"You know, from the Megaton games?" Lemon sighed as she took in the blank incomprehension. "Your wrist dealies!"

"You mean my bracelets?"

Lemon snorted. "Sure. 'Bracelets,'" she said, complete with air quotes. "Bracelets that cover your whole freakin' forearms. Come on, those things gotta do something cool!"

Sunny stared at the other girl for a long stretch of time. Lemon showed no sign of wilting under her scrutiny. "What color is the sky in your world?"

"Not sure. Let's find out." Lemon brought her hands together and bowed her head, a disturbingly calm picture of sincere piety. "O Most Glorious Bacon Horse, what color do you want the sky to be?"

A moment later, her phone let out an especially sick guitar riff. She gave it a look. "'Your prayer cannot be completed at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Also, stop calling me that.' Huh." Lemon put the phone away. (Nowhere in particular, mind you. Just... away.) "Hey Sunny, you ever hear of where'd you go?"

"She escaped while she had the chance," said a passing Sugarcoat.

Lemon sighed. "Man, story of my freakin' life right there."


"Well obviously you didn't get a complete prayer," Raspberry Fluff pointed out. "You weren't facing west, you didn't do the glorious proclamation, or the prostration; heck, you mangled her primary title!"

"I thought that we were sort of joking with this whole religion thing—"

"No no no. Well, not the way you're thinking." The pink girl pushed the other pink girl into a chair. "Okay, look. We genuinely believe in Sunset Shimmer as our wellspring of magic and sanity, right?"

Lemon shrugged. "Sure."

"And we are fully aware that she does not like being worshiped."


"So!" Raspberry held up a finger. "When we worship her, we deliberately make it as over the top and ludicrous as possible!"

"...you lost me."

"Don't you see? By worshiping our divine bacon horse in a melodramatic fashion, we simultaneously allow ourselves to express our wonderment, show our appreciation for her acts, and acknowledge the ridiculousness of the situation!"

Lemon Zest mused on this. "So... we're performers."

After a moment, Raspberry Fluff sighed. "I pray for your soul, sister. I hope one day, you shall truly understand."

Author's Note:

Moondancer and Sugarcoat are the top two students at Crystal Prep, for those wondering.

Also, Shimmerist theology is a silly thing. By design.

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