• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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In a Friendly Neighborhood, by ArtieStroke

Featherweight jolted up as that... what was that, a bear? Certainly not like any bear he'd seen before. He flashed Wiz a look of worry, who simply nodded in return as the two of them bolted from the stands. As soon as Featherweight had dove underneath them, he was already worming his way out of his jacket. Wiz slid right next to him, phone out and numbers called.

"Eye in the Sky to Dapper Gent, we've got a situation at the high school-"

"Well aware, old boy," Fancy Pants' voice crackled on the other end, "Perhaps we should come up with shorter monikers? Bit of a mouthful, that—"

"Roger that and whatever. What the actual heck is going on?!"

"Seriously?" Featherweight said, mask over his face and his new suit sealed tight to his teenage form.

"We don't quite know. Just some panicked chatter about angry shadowy beasts converging on the high school over the radio."

"Wait there's gonna be more of these things?!"

"Not if we can help it," Featherweight interrupted, now fully donning the Spider-Hawk costume. With a thwip, the micro-grappler sunk into the roof of a nearby building, and Wiz was alone.

"Stay safe little bro. Fancy, can you help us out at all?"

"Already on my way. Got a wave from Sunny, looks like it's a boys-night-out for now. Need to keep the students safe."

"Yeah," Wiz looked over back to the field- the Rainbooms were giving what they could to those creatures, but it seemed like a close battle. As for the Crystal Prep team... they were still running the relay.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Wiz groaned. So much for the friendship part of these games.

Author's Note:

You may want to (re)familiarize yourself with Playing Hero if you find yourself confused by this one.

In any case, the timeline doesn't quite mesh here, but when has that ever stopped comics? :raritywink:

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