• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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ZefRAM Cochrane, by Jenna Cipher

Cookie Crisp stared blankly at her computer, occasionally blowing away a stray few locks of her dark brown hair that would fall down over her face. She brushed her hands across the keyboard, rapidly typing away, her milky white skin blending into the similar color of the keyboard, and her bright blue eyes quickly skimming over the screen, taking in every utterly boring detail with perfect clarity.

"I'm telling you Di, there's nothing on Mars, it's just rocks, rocks, and hmm, and I missing something.... Oh yeah, more friggin' rocks," she frustratedly monologued to what seemed to be thin air. "Honestly, why are we sitting here sending these rovers back and forth. Not like we're gonna find some ancient ruins or anything; this isn't Huggs Field, it's real life."

"Huh, what's that? Sorry, I was running some background simulations," came the bubblier than normal voice of the Paradiamond AI currently connected to her computer.

Cookie Crisp sighed and replied, "It's nothing, just a thought. Anything exciting happening with you?"

The computer's screen once more took on a violet tint as 'Di' spoke back, her voice as ear-piercingly bubbly and high pitched as ever. "Not really, I just cracked the secret to warp drive, but that's not important. So, back to rock watching?"

Cookie nodded. "Yea, whatever, let's just... Wait, WHAT!?"

2 months later...



"I don't care if you MARRY every Space Trek series, we are NOT naming Earth's first warp drive starship 'Enterprise'."

"Awww dang it..."

Author's Note:

Huggs Field is a trilogy of action RPGs by VivoWare noted for their rich world building, impactful choices, and disappointing conclusion, starring one Commander Shepherd.

Paradiamond systems that can pass the Turing test are more than a few years away from when most of these shorts are taking place. (Of course, the local equivalent is the Turnip test. He wasn't treated any better in that world. :ajsleepy:)

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